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    I a more than twice your age. I was just diagonosed after five years of thinking I was depressed and along the way found out I had meduallary sponge kidney (which causes kidney stones & uti's, which I thought caused the bone crushing fatigue) diverticulous (kind of a bulge in your large intestine), hiatle hernia, a stroke (don't know when, so guess it's not big deal, trigger finger (joints get stuck open/ close) and thought I had dementia plus a total imsomniac (I fall asllep and 15 minutes later I had wide awake then when I do sleep it is only until about 2 or 3 a.m. and on and on. None of these things were causing my problems. It was FIBROMYALGIA. Although glad to know there is a "reason" I too am scared. I thought I would eventually get better and go back to a real life. If you did the research like I did you probably saw tons of "negative" stuff. The answers you are receiving are the most positve I have see out there! I am glad to see not everyone feels doomed. Trial & error does work because although I did not know what was wrong I soon figured out what worked (or not) for me. I would go to doctors and tell them what I wanted. Let your body tell you not the doctors, they can be intimidatingand tend to go with the "norm". Everyone is different. I found "welbutrin" the best and I am going into a trial for Milnacipran We all have to believe "this too shall pass"
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    Dear juststevie:

    You and I have alot in common. I too have medular sponge kidney and have had two bouts with kidney sand (not stones yet). I have hiatal hernia, diverticulous, terrible insomnia (wake up every 1/2 hour, it is frustrating) and a lot more stuff. It is scary but what can we do?

    Take it a day at a time and I will be praying for you.

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    Bumping for juststevie. She needs some words and support.
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    I don't think I welcomed you? if I did, then its the 'fog' and consider this just another well meant welcome!

    Yes, I feel like you do, this too shall pass. I have had FM for over 20 years now, and I can honestly say by being on this board for four years, I have gotten more help for this illness and all the side symptoms than from any doctor or anywhere else!

    You take care of yourself, and please don't be a stranger here, we love hearing how you are doing, and I do hope you will be feeling better in the near future.

    Again, a big welcome!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    wanted to say "thankyou" for words of encouragement and welcome (sorry for delay,haven't checked back in awhile) got turned turned down for Milnacipran trial - they said I was "depressed" no duh! NOW I am REALLY depressed....... back to wellbutrin

    also for trigger finger - DON'T get the shots they are extremely painful and don't last long. This condition too will also vary in degrees and pain. I think cold makes its worse. A trick at night is to put "cheapy" bandaids arounds the bends that get stuck, not too tight just so you can bend them some but not all the way. It keeps them from being real stiff and "stuck" in the morning. Before that I used to put my hands under a pillow too keep from bending them but then they would stick "open".[This Message was Edited on 08/27/2005]
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