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    Hi. I am new to the boards. I have been doing research all weekend on different diseases. About 5 days ago I went to bed and my legs were killing me. Then my arms started hurting. It felt like a burning sensation then just aching. I woke up the next morning with tingling sensation in the arms and legs. I was able to get up and take my shower and get my son to school. As the morning progressed I was getting more and more concerned about the tingling and pain I was having so I drove myself to the doc. She scheduled me for an MRI on this past Sat. I dont get the results until tomorrow because she is out of the office today. I fear I have MS however I have been reading symptoms of Fibro and CFS and my symptoms sound like that too! I am just so scared and confused and everyone on here seems so sweet and caring I just wanted to vent! LOL Today, I woke up feeling stiff and my arms and legs feel like they have weights tied to them. I also feel at times like I have to really concentrate on moving my fingers. It drives me insane.
    One thing the doctor is researching is a new medicine I was put on a couple weeks ago called Synthroid for my hypothyroidism. I have researched it myself but cant find much on the internet about its side effects or allergic reactions. If anyone know anyone else who has had a similar reaction to synthroid or know of some side effects to Synthroid that are not listed on the Abbott Website it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening to me vent. Sorry so long. I'm just scared and waiting for a diagnosis of something.

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    To find out if you have FM, they usually have to rule everything else out. Go on linesearch and find Fibromyalgia, There are pressure points on your body that hurt really bad when they are pushed. That and your symptoms and ruling out anything else with tests and blood work and xrays and mri , will help them figure out what is going on. Maybe it is just a reaction.

    I will pray for you. Let us know what you find out.

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    .... but I suggest you stay out of the research mode for now because, as you're finding, you're just going to scare yourself silly which will exascerbate your symptoms. Let your doctor do her thing for now to rule out other things (they're good at that). If and when everything else has been ruled out, THEN do your research on FM and/or CFS.

    By the way, Synthroid is a good med, well tolerated. You might eventually want to ask her about Armour Thyroid which treats both T-3 and T-4. That's what helps me most out of the thyroid meds.

    Breathe. Read a good, light-hearted book. Eat right. Drink spring water. Sleep, then sleep somemore. Change anxious thoughts to affirmations of health.

    Even on this wondeful board we can get into a panic mode with negative thinking. Avoid the negative in everything you can until you're diagnosed. Then you can panic. lol


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