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    Hi Everybody, I haven't posted in a long time but I check in every couple of days to see whats going on. I am in a dilema and really need some input. I have Fibro but also have 2 herniated discs and many other issues with my neck. My pain management dr and neurosurgeon are both encouraging me to have surgery. Problem is they can't tell me how much relief I will receive from the surgery. I am really afraid of being worse off than I am now. Are there any of you that have had surgery of any kind while having fibro? What are your thoughts? Thanks so much and I hope everyone has a pain free day!
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    I to had 2 herniated disc in my neck which caused pain,stiffness, some really weird sensory symptoms in my head,arms and hands.My Drs also wanted to do surgery but I refused and wore a neck brace for a short while,also went to physical therapy for about 3 months traction treatments,exercises,and was prescribed a home traction machine as they said I would always have problems and it would be cheaper to do home therapy rather at our local hospital. my dr wrote up the order in a way that my medicare paid for it.(its all in the code numbers they enter).I used it several times a week at first but now maybe once every few months.I personally didnt want the surgery,cutting through the front of my neck to reach the cervical spine area that they wanted to work on. I think I made the right decision for me. I also go to a chiropractor sometimes. Good luck whatever you decide.God Bless
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    on neck surgery. I have been in TEN rear-end auto accidents, as well as had several other neck/head sports-related injuries. Pressure on herniated discs can be relieved by traction, "spinal decompression", stretching, yoga, etc. I understand your pain! I too live with it EVERY day, although I had ONE day in January when I can honestly say I was totally pain free without medication. I had recently found a new chiropractor and had had a massage prior to my adjustment, so my adjustment was awesome. My neck went right into place, unlike it had for years! I felt like myself again, which really gave me hope that someday if I keep doing what I'm doing I might get back to me again.

    Not knowing your entire medical history, based on what I DO know, I'd be reluctant to have any surgery on my neck until absolutely necessary. Several years ago I was at wit's end, ready to go under the knife...had second opinions and everything. I was so ready to do it until right up until signing the papers @ the hospital when they said, "You do understand there is a 50% chance you could be paralyzed afte the surgery." I put the pen down and got the *$^# out of there. It's the old, "the surgery was a success, but the patient died" phenomenon. Drs get paid no matter what, and once you sign, they're off the hook. Sure, they care, but they're human and make mistakes, and I just don't want to be one of them, do you?

    Excercises are hard to do everyday. Living with pain is hard. Life is hard. Being in a wheelchair and depending on others is no doubt even more challenging. We all have choices to make.

    I wish you the best of luck making yours. I think you already did when you admitted to yourself you were scared, you knew something wasn't right about it.
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    I agree. I'm dealing with much the same issues as a result of an injury that happened many years ago. Now it is affecting my right shoulder and even my hand. I'm with a physical therapist who is using myofascial release. I'm hoping this will help as I don't want to have surgery.

    I had a mastectomy to get rid of a breast cancer, and the CFS has been miserable ever since. On top of that, I've developed neuropathy due to the damage done the nerves when the surgery was performed.

    As you say, "Life is hard." And that comment about "'You do understand there isa 50% chance you could be paralyzed after the surgery'" is pretty darned close to what I was told years ago. However, I understand improvements have been made in this type of surgery. But, I'm not willing to accept the risk--at least, not yet.

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    There are so many advanced in spinal surgery in the past few years alone. With lower back surgery the chance of paralysis is next to nil. The high you go up and into the cervical spine the chances increase. But only 1/1000, that's not 10% , that's not 1%, that's .1 percent chance of paralysis; 1/10 of 1%. My concern is what you state, how much relief will you get. And I would also want to know what are the chances of scar tissue forming and starting the process all over again. Do more and more research and see more Dr.'s and the less you will be scared. I have herniated disk in my cervical spine and some say surgery would help, but I don't know. Recovery time is easier than years ago. Something you will have to think about. But I would not go with anyone who can't tell you that if you have a current pain level of a "8" what can you expect a "2", "3" the right Dr. will tell you at least a range.

    I don't know how old you are or how long you have lived with the neck pain. But 10 accidents , wow. I've had two car and one boating that hurt my neck and I thought my "luck" was bad. Did your FMS start after the accident(s)?.

    Do as much research as you can until you feel comfortable with your decision. It is your decision and yours alone.

    And I am sure you have tried every other modality of relief to no avail.

    Good luck, and keep us informed.

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    I actually have 2 herniated discs and stenosis along with bone spurs etc. I don't really know how I injured my neck I took a fall about 15 years ago and hurt my shoulder then started having trouble with my neck. It was right after that when I developed the Fibro then the neck just continually worsened and I have been in a great deal of pain for about the past 12-14 years. I work as secretary in a high school so the summer would be a perfect time if I decided on surgery.

    However, since I first posted this we have found out that my Mom has Uterine Cancer. And taking care of her will be my very first priority. I am an only child so I will definitly be needed. I ask you all to say a prayer for her. We go see an Oncologist on THursday to find out what the next step will be. I am thinking she will probably be having surgery soon to remove the tumor.

    No matter how bad my pain is it is not life and death is like my Mom's.
    Denise[This Message was Edited on 03/27/2012]
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    I too have Fibro for the past 20 years plus 2 bulging discs, stenosis and severe arthritis in my spine. My pain doctor has given me injections and also performed Radiofrequency ablation. This ablation has given me some relief. Also, soooo important to stretch, exercise and walk as much as possible.
    All the best,

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