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    Hi Scarlett,

    I too have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroid. MY sister also has hypothyroid and I believe FM. But the ironic thing is I read that before FM had a name it was called "nervous exhaustion." you would not believe how many times my mother was hospitalized with that diagnosis. I remember times when she could not lift a hairbrush to brush her hair. And she would say "please kids - stop fighting I just sooooo tired!" (there were 4 of us kids) I think my mom had FM or CFS and actually I believe she still does.
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    Myself and all 3 of my siblings have hypothyroidism and FM. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and now alzheimer's disease. This disease is either contageous or a hereditary screw up in the immune system.
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    Hi Linda,

    I had 8 siblings of which I am the oldest. I cannot recall my mother being anything but maybe HYPO, even though so many children. My father, however never being diagnosed, was certainly depressed. His mother lived with us and I am sure suffered depression and FM, which she always said was "Arthritis". Kinda funny (not HAHA) when you think back and see a pattern. Are you the person who asked me who I see at Cleve. Clinic? I am sorry I did not answer right away but have been really bad since the Holidays. The Rheumatologist who confirmed my diagnosis was Dr. William Wilke, I currently see a Neurosurgeon, Dr. William Bingaman, as I am still healing from second cervical surgery. I have an appt. in April to see Endo Specialist, Dr. Adi Mehta, to try to get my thyroid functioning correctly. I live in N.W.Pa., near the Ohio border, and my family Dr. did Residency at the Clinic so if he cannot seem to help me, he has no reservations sending me to the Clinic. Fortunately, my daughter works there as Respiratory Therapist in MICU and has somewhat of an inside view of some of the Doctors as far as personality goes. Dr. Wilke does not have the best bedside manner but he ran all kinds of tests and did the tender point exam and without reservation said it was Fibro and Hashi Thyroiditis. He also asked all kinds of family history/behaviors. I know most do that but he seemed to tie that into the whole picture. Dr. Mehta, who I see in April, specializes in Thyroiditis. It seems with this DD the family Dr. just doesn't know what to do with all of our problems!!!!

    Love, Scarlett
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