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    I'm really worried .. My daughter is having these spots on her face which have occurred after her acne problem. The pigmentation is all gone but the scars are there for so long and i haven't found any reliable product which could make her scars disappear . Please help . I've heard of this product InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment | For Scars & Dark Spots
    Is it worth buying ? I have also heard about Mederma Skin Care for Scars, Scarring & Stretch Marks | Please tell me what are your views regarding both these products ?
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    One of my friends in high school had that really bad acne and it ended up scarring her face because her parents didn't get her treatment for it while it was ongoing. As an adult, she ended up going to the dermatologist because the scarring was more than any over-the counter product could handle.

    Just a suggestion, but how about taking your daughter to the dermatologist and getting a professional opinion on her scarring, to determine the extent of the scarring and and how deep (how many layers of skin) (my friend's was bad), and whether it will require professional care or if there is a skin care routine your daughter can follow that will ultimately help. Good luck.
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    It is difficult to remove acne scar and spots through creams or using some homely tips. So better to consult a dermatologist for skin care treatments.
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  5. you must go to a dermatologist.
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    Hi Nimmio00001,

    I recently discovered that dry brush massaging of the face can help prevent and eliminate acne scarring. HERE's A LINK (Bodecare) to a website that sells a facial brush. The following is a testimonial on that site:
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    One of the friends used Mederma to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and some scars, but she gets too disappointed as the cream does not work for her even though she used it for quite a long time.
  8. What are the best products?