scary weekend!

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    Have you ever been sure you are going to die? Well I was so ready for it to happen yesterday. For the last week I have been in a huge flare. Aside from my normal horrible pain I was having strange symptoms. My feet had swelled so much I couldn't walk. By last night they were both actually round and my poor toes where so big I thought the skin was going to burst. I was nauseated and having chills and sweats.

    I was so sick that I couldn't get up to go to the ER. I knew I was dehydrated even though I drank 3 leiters of water. The one time I did try to get up I ended up falling and of course the coffee table broke my fall and broke in half. It took me 20 min before Icould get up off the floor.

    Then this moring I woke up after falling asleep out of pure exhaustion totally covered in sweat. And my feet were back to normal my stomach was fine and I was doing much better.

    What was that all about? I hate being so out of control. I can't go to the Dr and tell them all my symptoms because they totally tune out after the first 2. And now after all of this my mom noticed a huge lump on my arm that isn't muscle and is so hard.

    I am sorry if I am rambling but I am tired of all of this!
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    I know how it feels to to be so scared. I had 5 straight days last week where I barely left my bed. I seriously felt that I was about to slip into a coma, and my body seemed to be shutting down. I was torn about whether I should go to the ER, in fact I posted about it. I never went, but saw my doctor Monday...of course I was feeling alot better by then.

    This was my worst crash ever, and it hit me for no apparent reason. I have no idea what caused it, there hadn't been anything unusual going on w me when it hit. I became so weak and trembled all over, my legs felt rubbery and very shaky upon standing.

    I was walking very little, but when I did I had to hold onto the walls and things. I was always feeling an inch away from passing out cold, lots of graying out types of feelings. My heartbeat would get irregular at times and then start racing for no reason. My vision was blurred and it was difficult to speak coherently at times. Sweating and chilling constantly, hot, cold, hot, cold.

    I believe I'm having Adrenal problems and I'm in the midst of having several tests run for it. My doc also added testing for Mitochondrial Dysfunction and a couple of other things. I have to get a sleep deprived EEG to see if I'm having some type of seizures. Who knows what's going on, I have FM and CFS...the fatigue has been horrible the last yr and rapidly getting worse. It's so mysterious and frightening at times.

    If you have a Dr that tunes you out, you'd better shop for a new Dr! Why waste time with someone like that, you deserve better treatment. I love my dr, but am very frustrated that the testing takes so long to get thru. It's mostly insurance approvals that hold things up, but sometimes I'm just too sick to drive down to the lab for blood draws. I have to go Thurs morning, rain or shine cuz I have another Dr appt to go over results next week.

    So, really look into switching drs if that's feasible for you. What type of Dr and treatment have you had so far? Could this have been a bad reaction to a med or something you were exposed to? I've been trying to think of anything that might have caused my crash. I really didn't know if I was going to survive it or not.

    Sorry I don't have any answers, I wish I did. This whole situation is horrible for both of us, but hey, we now have another person who we can relate to. Let me know how you're doing. I had a thread titled "ER, should I go?" It's been on the first or second page of posts lately, check it out, there's some good info others told me about.

    Hang on, I'm hanging on with you!

    Keep in touch....Hermit
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    Have you considered hyponatremia? Since you felt as though you were dehydrated but had consumed 3 litres of water, it's a possibility. And, it fits all your symptoms from swollen feet to low BP. Also, the fact it resolves after you slept and did not drink any more fluids is indicative of hyponatremia.

    Here is the Mayo clinic on the signs, causes and treatment for hyponatremia. It's not something you want to treat yourself. Hyponatremia can be very dangerous; it can cause your brain to swell fatally and other pretty scary things so please talk to your doc about this.

    Be well,
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    Just thought I'd check in on you. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

    For some unknown reason, I just had 2 good days. I even had enough energy to get outside and prune a couple of rosebushes yesterday. I have no idea why I can feel so much different from one day to the next, it's very strange. Even hour to hour changes can be drastic throughout the day.

    Check in when you can, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care of yourself, maybe tomorrow you'll suddenly have a good day!

    xxxooo Hermit
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    I am so glad that Rafiki mentioned this as I had hyponatremia. For a year the doctor noticed my sodium and chloride was a little low. They had me "salt load" and that was awful. They also restricted my water intake.

    Then it crashed and I ended up in the hospital. It turned out to be from a medication called Trileptal. Once it was out of my system my sodium/chloride was back to normal and has been since. I was switched to a medication that worked just as well, Lamictal without the Hyponatremia.

    What is kind of interesting is now on the pamphlet you get at the pharmacy, it now says that 6% of patients get low sodium. It was not there before. My doctor reported the side effectI have also noticed that on other drugs it says tell your physician if you have had hyponeutremia.

    I had attributed my worsening symptoms to Fibro/CFS.

    Take care and keep us informed.