Scattering Ashes; Dust to dust

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    Yesterday my family got together, it was my grandmothers birthday, who passed away on Feb. 28, 2007.

    It was probably the oddest "funeral", but it was also sweet and peaceful.

    My grandmother didn't want a funeral, she just wanted her ashes scattered in the woods.

    We went on the backside on my parents land this part is a 40 acrer pasture with a stripe of woods on the backsides.

    We gathered together and God gave me the opportunity to read the scripture to my family that He had given me the day she died.
    Ecc.Chpt. 12, about the problems of old age, and our spirits return to God, and how we only have to Honor God and obey his comands.
    Then 1john 3:23, 24
    This is what God comands; that we believe in His son Jesus Christ, and we love each other, just as He commanded.

    and 1john 4:15 and 1john 5:1-5

    This was a great opportunity for me that i'm thanking God for. Most of my family is not Saved, and my brother was also there, who i spoke of before, just lost his live in "fiance" and likes to drink.

    My Grandma had a bigger turn out than expected, as we were all standing quietly, the cows with there calves came up and gathered around us! LOL!!

    Cows are very curious animals, and the baby calves were adorable with their cute faces and big ear, soft eyes.
    My Grandma would have loved it!

    So my mom cut the bag and sprinkled the dust. Its very humbling to see just what we are reduced to after cremation. Dust!!! Just like the bible says.

    From dust we came, to dust we return.

    So, there is no marker or anything to show this place, in the backside of a cow and horse pasture, were i use to run and play barefoot. In fact i tamped in all those fence post one summer loong ago.

    As my Aunt said, "She is free", free from pain, bitterness, and grief. She lived a tough hard life, but, she did believe in Jesus at the end.

    On the walk back home, with my three boys and their aunts, and one uncle we started throwing dried horse apples around! The kids thought that was great fun. Of course i started it by tossing one at my sister.

    Anyways, i was thanked several times for reading that scripture, it's Gods Word, so i trust and believe it will work in my family members hearts, and draw them to seek somemore. I do not often have an opportunity to share my faith or God's word with them.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may our spirits return to God who gave it.

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    What a privelege God gave you. Sounds like it was a wonderful ceremony. I am sure you have some wonderful memories of her. My dad with Alzheimers phoned last night and said as a family when they come to mind to sit and write out memories we have. Maybe something you might want to do. When happy memories surface journal them. Just a thought. Knowing she is in such a better place is a such a comfort.
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    what a great thing to do.
    to release your Grandma,s ashes back to God.and read from the bible,it brought tears to my eyes.I don"t want to be buried,I"d like to be cremated and be set free into the wind ,but my family doesn"t like the idea.
    but I do so we shell see.
    God bless you ,you have such a great heart.

    Blessings sixtyslady
  4. Asatrump

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    Thank you for sharing, it brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely thing you did , praise.
  5. bandwoman

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    Thanks for sharing your story. It was touching and funny as well. Somehow it reminded me of when we had our summer family reunions in an old one room school house in the country.

    One of my uncles had gone to that school when he was little. I have aunts and uncles who were farmers so I feel like I can relate to your cow pasture. LOL

    When I was ten years old I used to work in the beanfields for one of my uncles. The big corn knife that I used was about as big as me. Man, those were the days.

    Your grandmother would have enjoyed the way you honored her I am sure. It is quite a thought that we do return to ashes.

    Thanks again.

  6. morningsonshine

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    You guys amaze me with your kindness, and replys. It's so nice to come here and be with friends and be accepted.

    I'm so glad to hear from each one of you.

    Caffey you are so good at making people feel good, and encouraged.

    Sixtyslady, Thanks for believing in me, you are a wonderful grandma, write down what you want for your family.

    Asa, so good to hear your voice, and your tender heart keep praising Him.

    Sweetpotatoe, and tiggy, thanks for being here in the middle of your own struggles.

    Bandwoman, Thank you, glad you found it touching and still made you smile.:0)

    Littlebluestem, my friend in so many ways, thanks for being here.

    I'm blessed to have such friends!!

    Thanks, and May the Lord shine His face upon you!


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  7. pepper

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    That was beautiful. I love sweetpotatoe's comment that God gave you an opportunity to plant a harvest. And you did.

    Your story brought tears to my eyes too. Thank you for sharing this.

    Love, Pepper