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  1. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Adam ----- Do you care to reply to the message below I attached to the Post that was originally started by ROCKY76 on the subject of Healthcare on 3/27?

    I am seeking an answer because I see many Message Board Members keep expressing they feel uncomfortable posting because, unfortunately, it turns into a stressful and heated argument. Also, I know Members have left ProHealth due to this as well.

    I will wait for your reply.

    I would like to state I am not looking to cause any problems. Many times situations are resolved when 2 people further discuss something. == Elaine


    What are you doing???

    Why do you feel compelled to continually reply to ROCKY76 , when you 100% completely disagree with the each one of ROCKY76’s replies??

    I am talking about the repetitive replies. Not meaning you disagree with the original post. Clearly, we see you disagree, yet why the barrage of replies on top of the first message.

    Well, then the question would be asked, if you are chiming in because you want to voice your opinion ( ---- which is perfectly fine, accepted, welcomed and makes all of us different -----) why do you feel the need to keep continuing to make your point over & over again??

    We heard you the first time.

    Seriously, do you realize you take your first message and comment on one thing and then turn the next reply into a subject that is straying off the original post?

    I would suspect you do this because you feel the need to intentionally cause a problem and believe while you are at it see if you can “switch things up” and then confuse the person you disagree with. Toss in "facts" as well just to see if that helps build your case against your original point!

    So, then the message goes and turns into ------ what are we even talking about??

    Wait, now I see the working in of the angle ----- “The First Amendment” and Constitutional Right.

    I recall seeing the exact wording many months ago under a different USERNAME and messages were then removed from the Message Boards. Sure, we all are free to express our opinions, view points and disagree when ever we want to. I just do not understand why you feel the need to run your points into the ground. It is as if you are looking for trouble or to be the instigator.

    Why are other replies from those who ALSO disagree with the original message not condescending in the way yours are???

    Also, maybe some day Pamela Anderson will make a career change. However, how does Pamela Anderson even relate to the original message is what confuses me.

    By the way, if you want to come back at me with some sort of attack, let me offer up personal information regarding myself and then you can twist it into what ever you would like

    I will save you time in doing any research on me........

    This past year, on top of having Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue:

    == I survived Cervical Cancer. 3 months of Chemo. Not so fun, but hey, I have become use to things like this.

    == End of December I was hospitalized due to “Clinical Severe Depression” because it was necessary. (Due to the restrictions of the Message Board, I cannot boldly say WHY.)

    == I have been in Intensive Counseling, Therapy & After Care since then and I can tell you, this has been a nightmare.

    == I just had “another episode” that would have required Hospitalization again, but this time on the surface I do not appear as a “danger” to myself when dealing with the “”Screening Commitment Law” in the State I live in.

    There is you “ammo” on me. Go ahead and use it.

    REPLY to me instead of your continual replies to ROCKY76.

    What would you like to “teach” me regarding politics, healthcare, the current President, former Candidates, what quotes in the press that are true versus false, and on to the next “tangent” you end up going from there?

    Please say to me what ever you would like to have as your reply to ROCKY76. Although I do recognize the pattern of “Last Reply” too. I guess some things never change here at the Message Boards.

    Take your hits at me. I’m up for it. Trust me, I have a point to prove as well.

    I can get on the “Merry-Go-Round” with you and not have it discourage me from logging back on to the Message Boards.

    == Elaine
  2. rocky76

    rocky76 Member

    Boy you have been to hell and back...
    God Bless You...

    Don't worry about my feelings...

    I think that alot of people on here are not even from the USA....

    Like Adam....he stated he lives outside of the states...

    I'm no lawyer like Adam....

    So I got a kick out of him ( being a Lawyer ) that he states his First Amendment rights....

    I'm not sure that anyone living in Europe can use the United States Constitution for legal protection...

    Just wonder why NON Americans think they know so much about what our Government is doing....

    I dont know a thing about other countries medical problems except what I read on here...its interesting to me....

    Please don't be stressed out...its causes severe Pain....

    Smile and enjoy your day....
  3. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    I thought that person causing all the drama had left. I think i saw him on another cfs board, I could tell by the way he was negative to everyones responses, especially about viral causes of cfs and in multiple threads. I havent seen that around here much, although the numbers have dropped off which is a shame as its a good board and i like the set up .

    Elaine I hope you feel better and i hope you get out of prohealth like you use too. Sometimes these are the only places we can come to, to vent as only others with cfs can understand.

  4. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Rocky76 & Heapsreal,

    None of has caused any stress for me. Please do not worry about me at all.

    Actually, my concern was for other Members of the Message Board.

    However, this may very well be a misunderstanding and that is why I am directing my question to Adam. Maybe I mis-read the motive behind his replies …… OR, it could be a case of “overall confusion”.

    Anyway, regarding myself, YES I have been through a tremendous amount of other issues over the course of this past year. All of this I am still dealing with and I am rebuilding my life. I am re-learning a process I went through approximately 9 years ago and am coming out stronger.

    I would best describe it as ….

    I am blossoming and transforming into a person who has more knowledge as I did before regarding “Clinical Depression” or “Re-Concurrent Major Depressive Disorder” and will be making wiser, healthier choices for myself in the future. I also learned, this is another Medical Condition I have, and I must learn to manage it the way I do my Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue. I have extra precautionary steps put into place where I hope to never return to the “Darkest Days of Depression”. Ones that would require 2 Hospital Admissions.

    The days I spent in the ICU Unit are ones I will never forget. Yet, I am very grateful for everything I have learned.

    My reasons for not being at the Message Board on the level I was before is because I am involved in all of my “After Care” Appointments which will continue for the next year.

    My time is spent on “Recovery and Wellness”. Also, managing everything one needs to in their own personal life on a routine basis.

    Yesterday, I simply just logged on the Message Board to catch up on reading of the PORCH over on the CHIT CHAT side.

    I have been privately writing and journaling about what I have recently experienced. However, I have not finished with the entire process. So I do not really have an ending to my story just yet.

    I can say …… sadly, I stumbled and forgot about what was important.

    On the other hand ….. I have grown and learned so much about “the beauty of life” and now have a ZEST for it!!

    It is a wonderful feeling and I am GRATEFUL & THANKFUL l I have come out so strong on the other side.

    Thanks for asking about me. I have no additional stress or negative feelings due to this Message Board. I enjoy logging on when I can.

    Actually, I am thrilled I managed to get my Taxes filed, took my car for inspection and squeezed in my daily exercising all in one day!. Tomorrow I can rest a bit more.

    == Elaine
  5. rocky76

    rocky76 Member

    ....You give me hope....

    ....Thank You...
  6. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    You're a treasure and an inspiration to me and to these boards. God bless you. GB66
  7. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    God Bless you, dear one.

  8. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Let's asume that we all are mature individuals. I propose to act accordingly. I still maintain my position on healthcare (it's a good thing) and do not know what exactly you expect me to do.

    I have never leveled any personal attacks against anyone. WHat I did was an apparently failed effort to open up your eyes. Under you I meant the American public.

    I am not willing to reargue this issue bc we are no more in elementary school.

    Finally, I think this issue was very much related to our health and therefore appropriate for discussion on this public limited forum.

    Take care,
  9. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    Hey, good health and cheers to all

    I was curious after seeing this thread so went and read the original one and to me adam didnt seem at all out of line, I appreciated his perspective

    it crossed my mind that what could help is if everyone utilizes a variety of news sources, from ny times to democracy now to bbc etc that perhaps there would be less room for offense or misunderstandings? may be thats irrelevent but that was my hit

    keep on keepin on guys


  10. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    I am left liberal. The latter (liberal) basically with respect to human rights (I dismiss economic liberalism). I guess Rousseau established the basic principle of liberalism by saying that " I deeply despise your views but I would give my life for your right to tell it." In addition to this: First of all I am a human being and only incidentally am I French.

    Finally, "one does not get killed by pain but rather from dashed hopes".
    Honoré De Balsac

    Take care !

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  11. loto

    loto Member

    You are definitely an inspiration. So sorry you had to go through everything you have.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

  12. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    I see this post is going into different directions. Thank you for the compliments.

    It is hard for me to see myself as an inspiration. I am like everyone else here who goes through the struggles we do with our illnesses.

    Also, with me recently being brought back into the Hospital on Wednesday for another “evaluation” certainly wasn’t easy. I keep focusing on ----- how WONDERFUL life can be when you reconnect with it.

    Sure it was a complete disruption being in the Hospital for 5 hours. I managed to make it through the week though!!

    When you “reconnect” with life, I have found myself singing and dancing once again. Although, I cannot carry a tune, I am tone deaf and I cannot manage to follow any type of beat either.

    Ah, you should see me trying to do my Exercise Videos, where when I am following the instructor and I practically knock over furniture or anything in my way. Luckily, I’m doing it at home by myself so nobody can see how ridiculous I must look.

    Thanks, == Elaine



    I understand now. Thank you for the clarification.

    You are ---- passionate ---- about your viewpoint. That is the appropriate word, I believe. Also, you care deeply about the cause (healthcare being this one) and want to speak about it when the opportunity comes up or at a Forum like ProHealth. Similar as being “avid” behind what you believe in.

    Continue with your hopes and support what ever you are behind. That keeps us strong and going in the right direction. Positive and healthy choices.
  13. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Yes you nailed it. Never meant to hurt anyone. We are in the same boat and I just wanted to help you guys by sharing my views and experiences.

    Take care

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