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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Toga, Feb 6, 2006.

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    I was getting worried again. I am assuming your are completely off Cymbalta by now. How is it going? I'm sure many others were wondering where you were. Or, are you a lurker like me, sometimes?

    Have you started another medication yet? I'm still on 90 mg Cymbalta and I'm ok I guess. Since the weather got cold I am feeling more pain.

    I have to go see my primary Wednesday for more blood tests. He's concerned with the results of something to do with my heart. I'm trying not to worry. I think it is because of the time the first draw was done. It was Dec 29 which is right between the big holidays.

    My attitude on Cymbalta is good. I appreciate that. I just wish I could begin losing some of the Milnacipran weight I gained. I keep thinking about joining Weight Watchers and starting to exercise again, but I always have an excuse not to start quite yet.

    Also, I'm still working to get my house organized and I don't last long. I'm still napping almost every day and not sleeping that great at night even with Ambien. I do believe that good sleep is the most important part of feeling better.

    Tell us your news. We've missed you.

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    Yes I am still on cymbalta. 30 mg 2xs a day. Not doing well with pain level.

    Went to pain clinic yesterday. I will be going 3xs a week for occupational therapy. Myofascial pain treatment. It will help.

    I've given up on doctors and drugs though. I will buy myself an exercise bike and go to the pool and swim daily. My weight is going back up.

    The doctors all seem to think that all I have to do is take an extra tylenol and the pain will go away. I've got news for them. _________.

    I am just going to try this on my own like I did for 20 years. Not giving in just giving up on doctors.

    Talk to you later.

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    Does that mean that you are going to stop Cymbalta too?

    You really sound determined to work on the pain with other methods. But isn't that all expensive and very time consuming? It really sounds great to me.

    I just have so many other things to do, or maybe, I just think I do. Maybe the little I get done would get done anyway and I'd feel better.

    I'm not taking any pain pills, just Tylonol and I hurt at about a 5 or 6 all the time. Its about a 7 now that cold weather is here. Vicodin (5 mg.) makes me itch as does Ultram.

    I'm trying Cherry Juice. I have to mix it with white grape juice to get it down. It is really tart. I'm also taking some things like Flax, Yogurt, Aloe (bitter!) Almonds, and getting much better about my diet. My Primary has me on Folic Acid.

    He doesn't tell me what he suspects but he sent me for a Liver Scan Wednesday (2-8) I'm kind of worried about that. I have a constant stomach pain, not excessive, just irritable and I wonder if it is connected.

    He'll probably tell me not to take any more Tylonol. Then what do I do? I can't use any pain patches because of a skin allergy to the adhesive.

    You know the more I type, the more I think I should do some of the things you are. I've got to figure out something.

    Please keep us informed about how you are doing. I, for one, really care and want you to feel better again.


    PS Are you able to work now?
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    Toga and others,
    Yes I will continue to take cymbalta.

    I work a split shift. % hours in morning Mon, Thur, and Fri, Off on tues. Wed I work for 7 hours. At night I work for 1 1/2 hours, Sat and Sun Morning I work for 2 hours.

    I have to stop work about every 2 hours for 15 min and just relax. My Doctor agreed to that and sent a letter to the company I work for. I might decrease my hours on Wed. But having a day off (to do nothing) really helps to work the full day.

    I can't beleive that I am actually saying this, but, I am haveing a very low pain level with the changing weather. Maybe it is because I started taking tylenol 3 times a day. That is all that I am taking besides cymbalta and sleep meds.

    The sleep meds help me sllp through about 4 nights out of 7.

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    I really admire you for being able to work that much.

    I don't know how you fit in the exercise, etc with all that work. I know I couldn't do that.

    Are you in lots of pain? What number would you give it?

    I'm hoping that Milnacipran is available within the next year or so. I'm on 90 mg of Cymbalta but I still hurt all the time. I'd give myself a 6 or 7 today. It is so windy outside. I really thing wind and cold make me worse even though I'm inside and warm.

    In another thread someone said that the Cymbalta helps them cope with pain better. I guess I would say the same thing. I still hurt but I don't want to give up. I keep plugging, ever so slowly.

    Leslie, take care of yourself and post more often so we know how your are doing.

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    Hi all,

    Pain level is manageable anywhere from 4 to 6. It depends upon how much sweeping, mopping, and vacumming and leaning over counters I have to do each day.

    Oh yes, I also go and get a massage 3 times a week for the next 12 weeks. I pay 12 a visit. My insurance pays the rest.

    My hours just increased by 4 today. I will be taking care of a respite patient on Thur. My only problem will be extreme fatigue driving home. I go down the main road for about 25 miles and her house is right off it. Then 25 miles back. My husband will talk to me all the way home. I love him dearly.

    The extra 4 hours a week will pay for my massage.


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