scheduled for ACL reconstruction-anyone else have knee surgery?

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    on Janauary 22. Had a second opinion and the knee is unstable enough that even though I am doing the exercises and the weightlifting with my knee it still is hurting and swelling and locking on me 3 1/2 months post op and I still cannot walk on it too long without a lot of pain etc.

    I am scared. My poor body has been through the ringer in the last 3 years with all these surgeries and the fibro has had a field day with me. Pain from head to toe most days. Fog so thick I cannot see the light house!

    I have a choice in the matter and started to opt not to have the surgery. But I want my life back and I do not want to not be able to walk and go grocery shopping without my leg locking and swelling and hurting all the time. I have a long road ahead of me. At least 3-4 more months out of work. After surgery a stabilization brace from my from my groin to my ankle worn at all times even when I sleep for 5-6 weeks-that ought to make the fibro real happy LOL

    I am in good hands and have a great team of doctors. The surgery is being done at Duke University by the sports medicine medical director in coordination with my pain management doctor. Physical therapy will start 6 days post op and I will have to work very hard through a lot of pain to get to the other side. I know somewhere deep inside I can do this. I want a better quality of life than I have had with this knee for the past 6 months. It is going to mean nerve blocks after surgery and a heck of alot of pain meds to get through and major work on my part to get through, and of course the grace of God.

    Anyone else here had knee surgery with some pearls of wisdom? I do not want to hear horror stories. Only positive ones please.

    Meanwhile I am trying to quit smoking(slowing down for now and quit date set for the 19th)working with an online support group for the American Lung Association. And have to be rid of this sinusitus and bronchitis by then. The doctor has me on quaifenisin and antibiotics and it seems to be breaking up. so I am trying to balance rest and staying on my exercise plan so I go into surgery with my muscles around my knee as strong as possible.

    Thanks for listening, hope all is well with everyone

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  2. Mikie

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    I just said a prayer for you and hope everything comes out OK. I know your life is on hold while waiting for the knee to get better. Surgery is always the last option, but sometimes it's necessary.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow Cathy, It looks like although you have a long way to go you have a great attitude! You are so wise to build up your strength before surgery. That will really help. My only advice is to take care of your hands and shoulders with the use of crutches. I know you have had to use them a lot before but have the therapist show you some good stretches for your hands and arms so they don't flare more from over use. I hope you get some good rest before the surgery too. I wrote you on my calendar so prayers will be going up!
    Take care, Darla
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    Of course you will be in my prayers. It sounds like this is really what you need to do, even though it won't be fun, in the long-term it will be worth it. Just keep that in mind through all the bad days. I'll be there for you all the way!