School starts tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hermitlady, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I have been going crazy with everyone home for the summer, including my dh who has been "in between jobs" for the last 6 wks. I am so tired of hearing TV or video game noise in every corner of the house...I really really miss the peace and quiet of being home alone!

    Also, the resentment builds within me as the summer goes on...nobody helps w the household stuff, but they sure make more work for me by being home all of the time. Very frustrating.

    So, cheers to the end of summer vacation, and goodbye teenagers:) Well, at least for 7 hrs a day while they're at school:)
  2. hermitlady

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    My son is in public High School and my daughter is in a private spec ed school. They're both still at home for now...we were working on sending dd to a group home, but it will be awhile before we're able to find the right place for her. We need to find placement within our same school district so she can continue going to the same school. That's a very important issue for us, so it might take a long time to place her. It will happen when it's supposed to, I guess. She's been on a fairly mellow streak lately...knock on wood.

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