sciatic nerve pain-it changed legs-can't take it

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    In 1993 I was working as a nurse assistant and hurt my back with no clinical evidence(had every test in the book) so to make a long story short-I was sent to PT and this guy asked where my pain was and I told him the top of my right butt-so he said he was going to do a deep tissue massage-result-painful burning during the massage-went home by middle of night I had sciatic nerve pain down leg into foot-limped cryed, told have to live with it, probably nerve damage-I endured this awful pain which nothing took away-then underwent brain surgery for a tumor in 1998-lost balance on left side and vision and hearing on left-so two years ago I fell downtown-sprained my ankle(irreversibly)and the sciatic pain went across and over into left leg-so finally doctor's gave me diagnosis this last year of FM-so I am really afraid of this trigger point stuff I read and yet even with neurotin,recently my left leg is soooooo hard , painful and hot on the outside thigh that I'm limping and crying alot So question-can massage take it away and for how long or will it always return?
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    It's the worse....... I have it in my left leg due to a slip disc in my lower back pressing on the nerve + osteoarthritist(sp) and nerve damage. But to answer your question..... massage helps me temporarily(sp), strethching is real good. I get my bf to pull up on my leg/thigh/calf/ area as much as i can take it, and that seems to help. But again it really is all temp. If you are able to stay off your feet ( which most of us unfortanetly cant do) they say these slip disc in my case can heal, but who really knows.. Well Im so sorry to hear about all the pain your in, I hope you find releif soon. ;-}