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    Been seeing several, many, post re: Sciatica. It could be caused by several things.
    1- Emotional stress causing the glutes to spasm up pinching the Sciatic nerve that passes through the glutes.
    2- The most common cause is spinal issues. The Sciatic roots forming the Sciatic nerve come out of L4-5, S1-3. And the most common cause of this problem is disc problems. If the problem is just beginning, adjustments might help but usually don't fix it. As that problem gets worse, and the dics become herniated, ruptured or degenerated, then DO NOT get adjustments as the rubbing/narrowing vertebrae will be bone on bone and there is a strong likehood of causing more damage to the Sciatic nerve.
    The best remedy for the above #2 problem is called the Decompression Table. A lot of Chiros have them. You are strapped on a table with a velcro belt around your chest while a programmed computer pulls on the velcro belt around your waist to pull the vertebrae apart. This gives the necessary space between the vertebrae relieving the pressure on the nerves. This works for most but not all with this problem, but is superior to adjustments.
    BTW- they also can do the same with cervical problems, they strap you down and then pull on the head to achieve the same.
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