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    Anyone have any advice for Sciatica pain?
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    "Trigger point therapy workbook" by Clair Davies. you can find it online and have it sent to you. Best book in the world for us to have for all those painful areas in our body. Also do a search on line for some exercises/places to work in your painful area.

    I feel for you. Been there so many times
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    The sciatic nerve is often compressed by disc herniation and this causes pain down the leg of the offending side as well as pins and needles and numbness in the feet. Sometimes muscle cramps.

    It is important not to sit for more than 20 mins without standing and moving around because sitting increases the compression.
    The more the compression is increased the more the immune system pro-inflammatory cytokines will "attack" the area so worsening the inflammation.

    Do the set of low back exercises three times daily and add some arch/flexing of the back (ie lie on front and lift torso up to a comfortable level - while trying to make sure the back bending is NOT coming from the bottom of the back.

    If you do have to sit at a computer then ensure you have the correct distance/glasses to ensure you are not straining your low back muscles.

    Avoid standing against a bench for too long, such as when preparing food. When you do, ensure you bend your knees into the bench

    Take an anti-inflammatory preparation such as:
    Omega 3 (EPA:DHA 5:1)
    Glucosamine sulphate (+chondroitin sulphate)
    Hyaluronic acid
    If you can tolerate it : Turmeric or curcumin extract.
    vitamin D3 3000 to 5000IU daily depending on your sun exposure in summer
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    I have been having a lot of sciatica pain for about 2 weeks now. I just went online and found a video that cut my pain in half in about 2 minutes with 2 very simple exercises! amazing! Here is the link...
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    is it sciatic pain or pain around that area. pain in that area is common in fibro. if its fibro related, or muscle and tendon related then massage will help it. i get it because i have a tilted pelvis and fibro, i use massage with my shiatsu massager and my tens machine.

    hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much for you advice.
  7. klar

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    Thanks so much.
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    Thanks, I will look for that book. Appreciate your recommendation.
  9. klar

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    I am grateful for your advice...will try it.
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    if you haven't been to an M.D. about this I would suggest you go. I tbougght my pain was sciatia but, it wasn't. I have a rupured disc at L5-S1. I have radiculopathy. this is inflammation lf the nerves surrounding the sciatic nerve. There are a lot of conservative teatments for this. Mine has progress to need sugical intevention. I am so grateful that my pain management doctor had head to toe MRIs done. They explain why I was having the pain I have. I have Fibro but I also jas some serious spinal problems to go with it.
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    There is a product called Sacro wedgy which has some good reviews for lower back and hip issues. You can check it out on amazon. I have ordered it recently.

    What you can also do is- fold a towel into half length wise and roll it. Lie down on back- then place that roll starting from around 4-5 inches above your tail bone and extending below the tail bone. And then just let your body and legs relax completely. Do this for 15-20 mins 2-3 times a day.

    It helps me a lot for sacroiliac issues.