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    I have just been told i now have scleritis dose any one have it ? my eye looks reazlly bad and hurts my daughter looked it up and said it can leed to death now im relly worred can any body tell me about this ty.
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    Has your doctor not discussed Scleritis with you? Do you have a mild form or a more severe form of the disease? Has he/she done further testing to determine if you have any connective tissue diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis?

    People with necrotizing scleritis and underlying systemic vasculitis do have a higher mortality rate over 10 years.

    What is your doctor doing to treat this?
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    But my autoimmune labs for lupus and sjogens has gone up.

    Some docs believe that RA might be cause by mycos. I got my doc to
    order docy 100mg twice a day for 4 months and my ANA and sed rate
    went way down. (I figured if RA is autoimmune, it might work on other
    autoimmune diseases)

    Garth Nicholson has found that mycos can be treated with lipid capsules
    and antidoxidants. He is going to answer questions here soon. This
    week I think.

    Watch for that, ok?