Scooter anyone????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PainPainGoAway, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. PainPainGoAway

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    I've been approved to get a scooter...argh, I have such mixed feelings about it. I have to admit, an electric ride is much easier on my body than being pushed in a wheel chair.

    Any comments from those who have one, I would appreciate your imput. I can walk, but not for very long. I have trouble sitting (cause unknown) and often have to lay flat so I've hesitated towards getting anything that would having me sitting too often.

    I would need it for outside my home, as I can get around okay inside my tiny house most of the time.

  2. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

  3. LuvQuilting

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    I have considered a scooter myself and people on my neuropathy board recommend them. I've used a wheelchair a few times because, like you, I can walk but not for long periods. We just visited a museum this week and I had to use it. I have peripheral neuropathy and a ruptured disk along with FM/CFS so between pain in my feet, legs and low back it makes it hard. I'm not sure the scooter would be much different though than a wheelchair other than you are more independent with them. You still get the same stares but I have found people to be very friendly with me when I'm in the wheelchair. It's kind of strange. I can do about an hour of shopping on my own so for now I don't need the assistance very often. Just find one that's light since you'll probably have to lift it. Also, I can't sit very long either and it's because of the nerve pain running down the back of my leg from the ruptured disk. Something to consider maybe.
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    recommend a Quickie Melody. I too cannot walk much, and I must lay down mostly.

    good luck
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    I have several ruptured disks but was told that wasn't what the inability to sit was from, possibly a combo of a slipped disk and scoliosis. Who knows! I'm improved somewhat but will never be able to walk around like a few years ago.

    I wouldn't be able to lift even 10 lbs at this point but would have help. I don't mind the stares, I usually find everyone very nice and never have expereinced any problems while using a wheel chair or walker (other than an embarrassed son!).

    It will be nice being able to go back to a mall or big grocery store, but I can walk as well and worry about how to know when to use it and when to walk but will figure that out.

    Thanks for the responses...any more out there? I will look into the quickie!!!

  6. 3gs

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    hi cindy
    I have both a scooter and a wheelchair. Unforunatly right now I can't use either because of lift on car not operating.

    I did use my scooter alot. There are all kinds of seat cushions(can't sit either for long). My scooter does break down however I can not lift it. I have been wondering if wheelchair would be more comfortable.
    Hard to say cause everything hurts right now.

    Overall I miss having the use of it as there are lots more places or distances I could go with it. Now have to avoid going. Only shop with stores who have them.

    Go for it the freedom is worth it.

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