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    I've never traveled outside of the US. Most everybody in my family has traveled in Europe. Even my one and only grandson has traveled to Australia and Germany and all around there.

    I've always been the home body ,BUT, I would love to go to Scotland as that is where a lot of my ancestors were from.

    I've worked with my geneaology for yrs and have a picture of an old family castle, now in ruins but still standing.

    I would like to walk the walk of my ancestors and see the river thats in view from the top of the castle walls and walk the grounds. It just sounds like such a fun thing to do.

    With my health as it is , it will probably never happen but I do have pictures now and I can still dream.

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    You may be surprised by some of the package tours that are available now. Many of them can be tailored to your own pace, personal side-trips are available and they provide 'facilitators' to help you with everything you need.

    My partner and I took a trip that was geared toward seniors with special needs and it was wonderful. Ours was a cross-country bus tour but such packages are available with other modes of transportation, air, rail, sea.

    These days it's even possible to go on safari while using a wheel-chair. With the baby-boomers now at the age when physical limitations and disabilities are commonplace, the tour industry - like other industries - is now catering to this market.

    Of course, a packaged tour is like travelling in an 'environmental bubble' and you won't experience the same rustic adventure as a younger, fit person might, but all-in-all such tours could fulfill the dreams of travel for those of us who are in poor health.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    My husband is retiring this coming summer and we'll have the time but he is deathly afaid of flying.

    I've flown but can't convince him to try it.

    So if the opportunity arises I will have to go alone.

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    a family castle, your ancestors must have been Scottish royals then. My clan is McDonald.

    I live in Scotland, my son loves castles, always touring them. Tell me the name of the castle so I can see if I recognise it even if it is a ruin, we have lots of those.

    You would love Scotland apart from our weather and the people are friendly. I know what you mean about the travelling, I would love to revisit Vancouver but my health won't allow it.

    Let me know more about your Scottish ancestors.

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    sorry Rosie

    Just now saw your reply.

    My grandmother on moms side was a Napier.

    I have traced it back to the Kilmahew Napiers.

    There is a picture taken from the castle that looks out over the estuary of the River Clyde.

    My older sister has been to Scotland twice but was with a group and did not get the opportunity to visit our ancestors area.

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    yes Napier is a good old Scottish name. There was a famous Napier, there's a university in Edinburgh named after him, I think he was an engineer.

    I think it's great to find out who your ancestors were and where they came from especially for Americans, Canadians and Australians as their ancestors really did something special, travelling long ago and settling in new countries - wow what adventures, what hardships!!

    Yes you can always dream, I always dream of revisiting Vancouver, it's now been 35 years since I lived there for 5 years (my goodness when did I get so old).