Scotlandrose and SSdi Hearing Win Again

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    I won mostly because of the way Dr. Linda Kelley described me in her letter..she used to work at FFC in Atlanta.

    Dr. Kelley stated I had CFS, Fibro, and hypothyroid. She said I could lift and carry less than 10 lbs occasionally. I could only stand and/or walk 2 hours a day or less. Same for sitting. She said i could not twist, climb, stoop, or crouch due to low blood pressure. Said I was very limited in reaching, fingering, pushing, or pulling. Said i would need to lie down at least every 1.5 hours a day for 10-15 min or more at a time. Said also that i would most likely miss 3, probably more, days of work a month due to fatigue and/or pain.

    I had 40+ doctor/clinic/hospital/other records for them to go through. Judge asked me if i had just decided I was sick of working and went doc shopping till I found a disability diagnosis. I have bad adrenal issues and can often "blow up, lose it etc" and I thought i would at that moment. I was so mad! I squezed my fists in balls and advised him that if he was so sick and in so much pain he wanted to die most of the time, would he not also go to or try anything to help? At least find out what's wrong? He appologized.

    I was also quite angry at my so-called advocate. She did a good job in collecting evidence, and putting it together for SS. Whenever the judge asked about something specific however, I had to direct him to a doc or file etc... Sure, it was tons of info, but she was clueless. She almost cost me 2 extra years of back benefits because she did not know where some test was.

    I used to be a therapist, music therapist. It is good to read everyone's court experience, be prepared, and expect anything. Although I ended up working with Austic children, I was very close to working in forensic music therapy. Had to take some profiling classes. Remember, judges are people and when you connect emotinally with a person, even in court, you have a better chance of winning. You become a person to the judge as well, not just another case.

    Keep reading, learning and fighting, as much as you can...

    Let me know if there are more questions....

    Love my Dr. kelley and love that she described me as the loser I feel like on a "worst" day. She asked me if i was mad. Told her she could have even told more of the truth, although it hurst me to hear or think about it.

    I had a Psych test done about a year ago. Wanted to see on paper what horrible brain fog looked like, plus, I knew the test would help. My IQ is half of what it used to be....half. Great info for the ego. Iq's actually change day to day, week to week etc. Brain fog was bad during the test. Cannot multitask at all. Cannot do math at all. Serious problem solving skills. the doc had some trouble scoring the memory tests. I am a musician, and my whole life, i have made up little songs to remember stuff like the order of the planets, counteries in Africa etc... I would memorize whatever he threw at me and put into a quick little song. Still remember part of the word list I was to memorize: I went to TARGET, past the ALLIGATOR, at SUNSET, left and passed the red CAR........ Anyway, interesting test.

    Almost forgot. When the judge asked me to give him a specific, bold example of music therapy, I ended up singing to him. Bet that never happened before! My advocate said she thought I was losing my mind and the case as well till I finished the demo. She was shocked too.

    good luck to all facing down SSDI. Like we all need another pain!

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    Bumping for responses. This excellent posting was pushed back 4 pages before anyone could respond.
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    I'm very happy for you. :) You did a great job. Thank you for sharing this with us. It sure took a lot of guts for you to sing in court and to stand up for what you are dealing with. Well done.


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