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    I would love to hear more about music therapy! It sounds like you are wonderful at it. What a gift! I do a little bit of meditation but can never seem to get to enough of a relaxed state to truly "get into it". Thanks so much!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie
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    Hi Susan!

    Thanks you so much for the info, I really appreciate it! You are so needed and are so helpful on this board!

    Thanks again, Julie
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    Hi BDT!

    Long time no talk to,lol! I was happy to see your reply! How are you doing these days? How is the pain and insomnia? My hubby is doing much, much better and does not have to have surgery, Thank God! I am still waiting on my first disability and should find out in a few weeks! Been trying to stay cool and swimming almost every day. Today it is 96 and I'm getting ready to go out to the pool in a little while, glad you caught me! It's fine to reply on a post about something else, no worries! Write back and let me know what's up with you these days,k?

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie
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    Hello from Alaska!

    I love your name, "Scotlandrose"! My grandfather was born in Scourie, Ross-Sutherland and I went there about 8 years ago. Want to go to Mull next year, if this DD lets me!

    Anyway, I don't know if this is music therapy or not, but every time I have to have blood drawn, the hospital lab looks at me like I am something that should be bending over a cauldron. I am a really hard stick, because my veins are tiny and roll. So I simply say "Stop! Give me a minute!" Then I shut my eyes and I visualize the opening of Deadliest Catch. And I hear Bon Jovi singing "Dead or Alive" and picture the waves crashing over the deck. Then I point to the spot on my arm and say "Poke here!" It works every time.

    Music works. I know that of all the things I could lose, my iPod would be the most devastating to me. I have so many songs that I calm myself down with - everything from Hans Zimmer to Trans Siberian Orchestra. And I am a hopeless U2 fan - that's what REALLY does it for me. But I know there must be so much more than just the enjoyment and visualization. I'd like to REALLY learn how to use music! Teach me, teach me, teach me! LOL!

    Just as an aside, I volunteer at a rescue center for injured Alaskan birds. About two weeks ago, we had a little Boreal Owl who wasn't doing too well. She was terrified and refused to eat, sitting at the back of her cage and peering out of the dark. The vet wasn't sure she would make it. I didn't know if it would work, but I have a cell phone that doubles as a music player, with a slide out speaker. I set it next to her cage and played some very soft music for her. She blinked. And listened intently. I took a chance and opened the cage, offering her a tiny bit of salmon. She ate! I wanted to whoo whoo for joy! I rigged up a little CD player for her and day by day she ate more and gained weight. When the vet examined her he asked who was responsible. "Mozart, Yanni and David Sandborn!" I said. She is now in an outside cage, doing fine. But she still perks up when I play music for her!

    Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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    If you download to your computer and sync to your iPod, if you lose the iPod, you still have the downloads.

    Love, Mikie

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