Scottish Lassie with numb fingers!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sue t, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. sue t

    sue t New Member

    Have only been diagnosed with CFS for about 6 months, but have spent years puzzling the doctors and wondering myself what was wrong with me.
    Every so often, when I think I've had all the symptoms etc. there are with this "illness", - I get another!
    The most recent is a numbness and tingling, which I have had for about 4-5weeks. It covers my upper abdomen and back, the tops of my arms BUT the WORST are my fingers - you have no idea how long it took to type this!
    I have very little sensation in the tips of my fingers, kind of like the local anaesthesia you get from the dentist, but it has worn off slightly. It is making me miserable. Doc has referred me to see a neurologist.

    But can anyone say if this is a common symptom and WILL IT GO AWAY?
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  2. Bellesmom

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    There's some discussion on the board today about symptoms and whether or not everything we experience is related to our illness.

    Maybe someone else has experienced exactly what you have. I have about a hundred other things that have bothered me over the past almost 3 years but not necessarily what you are speaking of.

    Let us all know what the neurologist says, will you?

  3. srollins

    srollins New Member

    Yes I am really going crazy with that same sensation in my arms from my elbows to the tips of my pinkies and ring fingers. I also for years have had a numb and itchy feeling across my back.I will ask my husband to scract it for me and he does but I can't feel it and the more he does it the more it itches I am very puzzled about this as well.
    I am sorry about my spelling tonight I am having some bad fog today.
    I will be looking also for replies. Shirley
  4. bubblegum

    bubblegum New Member

    I don't know if this will help but I was just diagnosed with thorasic outlet syndrome (TOS). In my case I have have a cervical rib that isn't suppose to be there. I have been complaining about pain in my arms especially from my elbow down. It started on the right side. Now it is so bad on the left side that I get that numb feeling that you described on the left side of my face, my lips, upper back, the back of neck and up the back of head. From what I have gathered researching, the brachial plexus passes over the first rib,through the thorasic outlet, then under the armpit and down the arms. The thorasic outlet can compress the muscles, nerves, veins and arteries that pass through it. When this happens it can affect many parts of your body. Ask the neurologist about it. Hope this helped.
  5. sue t

    sue t New Member

    Thanks to those who replied. If anyone else can give me more insight into my tingling/numbness it's much appreciated.

    I cam across this site yesterday, by looking on the web through desperation for some answers.

    I might not have the answers as such - BUT I've got a whole lot out of just reading through some of the messages and have been really encouraged by the support you all give each other.

  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    And welcome! I suffer from a whole host of neurological issues, in fact those are much worse for me than anything else associated with FM/CFS. I have tingling always in my feet; today my left foot & leg feels like it's asleep, plus I have pretty severe muscle twitching. I get that "anesthesia" feeling, too. I know so well what you mean about it making you miserable! I am usually unable to sleep, relax, etc. Family is supportive, but they truly don't understand how horrible this feels, it's so hard to explain or describe, how could they understand?

    I also know the hell of wondering how long will this last, will it ever go away? I have had symptoms for 4 years, and they do tend to get better, then worse, then better, etc. The tingling has never really gone away, the muscle twitching tends to come & go for me.

    This is a really bad flare-up for me personally, so I'm really sensitive to how these sensations make someone feel. The neurological sensations are much worse to me than fatigue or pain, those I deal with pretty well. I'm so sorry you are going through this, too, I wouldn't wish them on anyone. If it was another night, I'd give you more hope, because they actually do tend to wax and wane, some days are really quite bearable.

    I've been wishing for a local support group of the subset of us that has FM or CFS, AND suffers from these neurological symptoms. I've definitely felt the need for more communication with others that know the pain & discouragement of this.

    You are definitely not alone, Sue. I do hope this gets better for you; as I said, I have had good days & periods, this just is a really bad one.

    Take care & feel better----let us know what your neurologist says.

    Welcome Hugs,
  7. sue t

    sue t New Member

    Thanks for your reply - I know you say that it may not be that encouraging BUT at least I'm not alone anymore since I found this site.

    Just like you my family, especially my partner, try their best to understand. But until you have felt some of the things we go through you really can't understand.

    I'll keep coming back here though - it has picked my spirits up more than anything.

    Thanks everybody.