Scottish sufferers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nellie1953, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. nellie1953

    nellie1953 New Member

    Is there anyone else from Scotland on this site with fibro if so please get in touch
  2. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    No me, bumping for night crowd. Good luck!
  3. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    my ancestors came here from Scotland (other half Welsh) but I assume you mean those living in Scotland now. I've been thinking of starting a poll to see how many of Scottish/Scots Irish decent are here with FM. MS and Parkinson's are both most prevelent in those of Scottish or United Kingdom decent and the symptoms of both mirror FM quite closely.

    But that's not what you're asking. . .

  4. monckton

    monckton New Member

    hello there, i am,and suffer from multi joint osteoarthritis
    as well as the fibro,[i,ve only a week ago joined the site,
    and have posted a few messages, weather makes me
    worse-08/08/03.i live in port glasgow.
  5. nellie1953

    nellie1953 New Member

    I have replied to yuo under the heading hi monckton
  6. bailes

    bailes New Member

    hi, I live in ayrshire, scotland. I have had me for 5 years.The doctor that I have been attending for the past 3 years is very good but apart from that I havn't found any other help in Scotland. I would be interested to hear from you about your experience of the help for sufferer's in Scotland.
  7. nellie1953

    nellie1953 New Member

    I'm from Airdrie I think we are used as guinea pigs by the docs I have been on various medications and dont really get any relief its the type of pain that travels about all over body and you dont know what to do with yourself.