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    I sometimes get thin scratch marks that appear mysteriously. They are not from scratching myself. In fact, this morning I saw one appear instantly for no reason. It did sting under hot water. Sometimes they are on my back or legs or arms. They disappear though within a half hour or so. Could this be Bartonella? My Igenex was neg for everything at least according to my Dr. I can't imagine what else they could be from. My CD-57 test was 21. I still don't have a Lyme diagnosis. I have been ill for many years. Thanks, Jess
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    Go to then look on the left side of the page, and scroll down to
    "Photos"...then underneath that you will see "rashes-Bartonella". There are some good pictures there.

    Also, make sure you get a copy of your Igenex tests, including your western blot....ASAP!

    Just because it is interpreted as negative, does not mean you don't have positive bands and you could still have lyme.

    Go to my posts on the FM board and read my posts. Read the articles/papers that I mention in my post about "FM/CFS symptoms can be lyme". Look on page 7 of Dr Burrascano's paper and read what he says about which bands you should see on a western blot.

    Also, Dr B says that a normal CD 57 is above 200 and that they believe that Borrelia (lyme) is the only thing that causes it to be depressed. Yours is only 21!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you had testing for co-infections yet?

    Do not delay....insist on a copy immediately of your tests.