...'scuse me... ...any Buddhists out there?

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    I believe in the 4 Noble Truths and try to follow the 18 Precepts the best I can. I learned Mindfulness meditation and shikantaza.

    My fibro fog mostly makes me dazed during meditation, but can do short sittings with some concentration. I have been helped by some preists with good suggestions, but I'm so spacey it is difficult to talk to them sometimes.

    What do you do?

    Peace, Nefra
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    I'm not a Buddhist, but I do try to meditate every day (even though I usually don't succeed). Like yourself, short sittings sometimes work better. It seems too, like some days you are connected with no choice in the matter, and others, you just aren't. I believe our effort is important, even though we might not 'tune in' every day to our own satisfaction. The clarity comes and goes. I think our intention is important. Jo Ellen
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    Thanks for answering! Yes, I agree---it is the intention that counts. I try to get as much knowledge and wisdom from any person willing to share his/her experience.

    I had hoped that someone with Fibro-fog could give me a fresh perspective on what happens to us when we practice meditation. I was taught to sit for clarity, not to go "unconscious." I am saying this with a chuckle, because it has been such a nuisance to me.

    It is also a concern, because as a child I would go into a daze when things became... unpleasant. I no longer want to use this "survival mechanism."

    I have been taught by several teachers or priests to concentrate on what my body is doing while I sit. My posture, breathing, what is achey or itching...and to keep going back to that.

    I am really good at making my body go numb (not on purpose!)

    Do you think our fibro-fog is a blessing or a stumbling block? Any thoughts on this? Jolly or anyone?