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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Dec 17, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I received my first state disabilty check today from California (I was a resident and worked there for 5 years). As someone who regularly rants and raves against the system, I have to say how impressed I am with the folks that run California State Disability Insurance. The system actually came through for me! If there's anyone out there who worked in California and paid into that system, you should consider filing a claim even if you no longer live in the state. I left Cali in September of last year so I was filing rather late, but they overlooked this and approved my disability on a doctor's certificate from the Atlanta FFC.

    I just wanted to share this small victory. Things work out if you hang in there. What a great Christmas present!

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    I applied and received my California State disability after I left my job several years ago. I was able to utilize it for a year and then applied for SSDI, which I won later.
    California disability was fairly easy to qualify for and only required a Drs note to receive, then after 6mos a review by one of their Drs and then a renewal form from my Dr every month after.
    Unfortunately, not every state has this option for their disabled, injured, sick or pregnant residents. It is a great program and was a life-saver for me while I made the necessary decision to apply for SSDI. I had always hoped I would get better with rest over that 1 year period of time, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

    Everyone should check if their state has a program like this!!

  3. justlooking

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  4. Dee50

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    That's great. Now all you've got to do is buy all the supplements and follow your FFC guides!lol I know that's alot.

    Very best wishes that your health returns to you quickly and that you stay healthy :)

    Happy Holidays,
  5. bpmwriter

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    no more ffc for me! hey, that rhymes! for me it's acupuncture twice a week and i have an appointment with a new chiropractor, a grauate of the palmer institute, so he uses a variety of approaches: adjustments, electric stim, massage. the bodywork approaches are the only things that bring me any real relief.


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