Sea Salt and Tingling

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    Yep - me again - and SEA SALT - Well since I've been taking sea salt with a gallon of water for the last 3 days, I thought I was feeling better already. Now I'm wondering if this tingling all over has anything to do with the sea salt and the amount of sodium chloride, or I don't know - lots of guesswork on my part and can't put my finger on why the tingling is taking place and no sleep??
    Wow - am I a pest tonight or what?? Member-Pat
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    Worry warts Pat, goes with the territory.

    I don't know of the salt/water causing tingling, but its possible you are drinking too much water at one time for a beginner.

    I started with less than the half my body weight in ounces of water, then after a couple of weeks I just added a little more each day untill I was at the desired goal.

    BUT I was one of those crazy people who did not even drink a glass of water at all. I would take a mouth full of water to get a pill down, that was it.

    Maybe you could cut the water back for a few days and see if you feel better? Just a suggestion here.

    Take care, and I do hope you get some sleep tonight.

    I used to be on this board till 3 and 4 in the mornings, everyday two years ago. Its a wonderful resorce when you can't sleep, thats for sure.

    Take care....................

    Shalom, Shirl