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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wle, Aug 29, 2003.

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    Where can I buy it? Do I need to go to the Health Food Store or would the local Kroger have it? Other than pure sea salt is there anything else I need to look for? And last but not least is it very pricey? I am poor this week! lol! Poor every week! Thanks in advance for replies. WLE
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    to do this to my own post but need an answer before I get off work in a little while. Don't have time to search. Don't have internet at home. WLE
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    There has been so much posted on this subject that you can just type in the words "salt" and you will get more information than you need. :)))

    Good luck to you. It isn't all expensive. I typed "Redmond" into my search engine and found a great place to buy and a super price. You can also get it at the health food store.

    Good luck.

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    and am on my way to the Health Food store.......Thanks! WLE
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    of supermarket sea salt. Brookshire Bros. and Walmart both sell Hain Sea Salt. Don't buy it. It is highly refined and almost as bad as table salt. At least that's what I read on the internet. The key is that it is white. Pure sea salt is sort of tannish.

    Kal Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are the best brands, but unless you're rich, the Celtic is probably out of reach. Also, it is produced by sea water evaporation in the open air, suseptable to contaminates such as sea gulls. . .

    Kal Real Salt is produced by Redmond Salt, mentioned above. It's $3.++ for a medium sized shaker. You can get it at most healthfood stores or on the internet, where it can be bought in bulk. The Redmond site also has various seasoned forms of Real Salt.

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    like a price I can afford as I am far, far, far from rich. Thanks so much for the advice. WLE