Sea Salt - the real thing!

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    I saw a program on the food channel a week or so ago, raving REAL sea salt. They said that not all sea salt is good for us - read the ingredients. They were right! I bought some sea salt at the store not too long ago in their "health food" section, and just assumed it was good stuff. I read the label and it turns out it's got the same chemicals in it as regular table salt. They put chemicals in it to prevent caking and to cover the bitterness. Not good!! This show I was watching was about this guy in Wales that decided to harvest the sea salt they have there, right off the shores of their country, and they showed every step of the process. They rake the salt out with what looks like big pitchforks, and then it's taken to a building where it's put on huge trays and the salt is then washed several times and then left out to dry. Not a single additive, no chemicals, no nothing! So I decided to order some. I did a search online for Halen Moen sea salt and found it right away. Hubby went to the Farmers Market today and brought home fresh green beans and tomatoes, so I steamed the beans, and sliced the 'maters and we also each had a pork chop. This was the best meal I had had in ages, and the Halen Moen sea salt was delicious. It comes looking like bath salts, and you put some between your fingers and grind it over your food. It is so good, no aftertaste to speak of. I threw out all our other salt and this is all we will ever use from now on. I think it's kind of a unique conversation-getter too when everyone has to use their fingers to salt their food. I just filled up a small clear glass dish with lid to set on the table. It looks great and now we have one more way to improve our diets by eliminating MORE chemicals! After using Halen Moen sea salt, I don't understand why the competitors have to ruin their salt with all those additives, plus jeopardize our health even further. Is nothing sacred?

    Marilyn :)
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    I serve my sea salt in antique salt dishes. Have you seen these? I actually collect them so already had several. They are sp pretty and have there own tiny little spoons with them. Adds a touch of elegance to every meal.

    I did at first buy sea salt from a health food store and developed dyshydrosis. Somehow because of the additives in it, my sweat was being deposited beneath my skin and would then blister and once the blisters festered they would then leave a crusty, nasty scar behind all over the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I now buy the much purer form and have had no problems and agree that it enhances the flavor of any food beyond imagination. As for the long term health benefits? I will have to use it for awhile before I can make a fair judgement so the jury is still out on that one but I sure do enjoy the flavor and the novelty!

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    French Atlantic salt for a few years. You can find this in select health food stores like Whole Foods...its definately hard to comeby. I love it and you use much less than you use with regular sea salt. I bought the shaker from a former dr. (it has huge holes) and was thrilled to find the big bags for refilling it at Whole Foods...the bags are about $14 and will last a long time.

    I have a great article on the different salts, that I found in Organic Times, I think. It explained the process that you described, as well as the differences in salts. Because of the article I bought Hawaiian salt which is pink .... I just love using different salts.

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    Hey, I like that idea! Are these salts completely additive-free and where do I get them?

    Salt crystals in a dish certainly are elegant aren't they?

    Marilyn :)
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    I've never seen the dishes you describe. Maybe Ebay has some I can look at. I love to collect rare things like that.

    I was really surprised and disappoined that the sea salt I initially purchased in the health food section of the grocery store had additives in it. That pretty much crosses it off the health foods list as far as I'm concerned. I was delighted to find organic sour cream too, so bought some of that. I'm really getting into this additive-free foods thing, and am also not going to buy canned or frozen vegy's anymore. There's just no comparison to the fresh ones.

    Marilyn :)
  6. AnnetteP

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    do a search using the word, "alaea," and you should find a bunch of retailers.

  7. Shirl

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    Mine is real salt too, nothing added. Its 'Redmond RealSalt', its full of natural minerals.

    Sodium Chloride 98.32%
    Calcium .40%
    Potassium .12%
    Sulphur .11%
    Magnesium .10%
    Iron .06%
    Phosphrous .05%
    Iodine .002%
    Manganese .0015%
    Copper .001%
    Zinc .0006%
    REaslsalt als contains numerous other trace minerals in minute quantities.


    It is from Redmond Utah with no processing.

    Its a cream color, with dark brown in it, and its coarse, I also use an old fashioned Salt Box for it.

    Will look for what you are using too, love to try differnt Sea Salts!

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. Mikie

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    Recently did an item on this and showed how the real stuff was collected and dried without chemicals. I wish I could remember the brandname.

    Love, Mikie
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    Now that you mention Martha Stewart, that's where I saw the show on Halen Moen sea salt! I can't remember much of anything these days. I don't normally watch Martha, but am glad I did that day. I love this salt! Now I want the pink stuff too. I wonder why it's pink?

    I also discovered you can't trust the health food stores...they sell the sea salt with all the additives in it. Always read the labels gals!

    Marilyn :)
  10. Shirl

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    I do get the Redmond Real Salt at the health food store, most all of them should have it (except GNC), this one is all natural with no processing either.

    Do be careful, the health stores do carry brands (Hein) is one that is refined and has that additive that stops it from 'caking'. Redmond has nothing in it but the natural rough salt.

    It comes in a blue and and red heavy bag. You can't miss it. It also has a spout with a screw top on the end of the bag for pouring. They do have a website listed on the bag, I have not looked at it though.

    Marilyn, I would love to see the pink salt too! How neat can you get??

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I don't think I got the point across that Lima French Atlantic salt (also known as Fleur de Sel) is the same as what you ordered. After I reread my post, I thought I'd better clarify. So, if you want a shaker, Lima does sell one with salt in it. Its 7.5 oz and has really big holes (around $4). Its great for cooking, when your hands are wet and you don't want to stick them in the salt container.

    When I bought my shaker Whole Foods only had the refill bags, but that was at a very small Whole Foods. Now that a larger one has been built, its possible they carry it, but I never checked. I bought this stuff a few years ago, before I knew anything about the different sea salts....mainly because it was so expensive and I figured anything that high has to taste good lol. It was nice to read the article that heralded the French Atlantic salts, but I can't seem to locate it now. If I do find it I'll list some of the other salts....not sure if they gave the brand names of any of them.

    I do remember either reading it in that article, or hearing it on a cooking program, that some chef schools have the students taste the different salts and that some are actually sweeter than others.

    Shirl's comment about the salt from Utah reminded me that there is a Red salt (lol now you're gonna want that one too) that comes from Utah. I know very little about it, except some of the ladies in the class I attneded use it to make bath salts. I don't know if its edible or where you can find it.

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  12. PatPalmer

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    I pasted an article on the benefits a while back. It is absolutely essential to include this in our diets, but as you say only the pure stuff.

    Sea Salt has made such a difference to the taste of my cooking, I love it.
    Another thing I do is have Pure Rock Salt in an egg cup on my kitchen work top, for the days I haven`t cooked, I pick at this, place on my tongue and let it melt, tastes really nice...

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    Dr. Devin Starlanyl addressed this in her second edition book,page 300. "Dr. August recommends a special whole,sun dried, organic and unrefined salt called Celtic Salt which contains needed trace minerals" So I had gone to a health food store and they told me others had been asking for it but they at the time were not stocking it, they helped me choose a salt whose description came the closest. It was Lima Sea Salt "product of France." I do love it. Glad there are other choices to try. I
  14. jadibeler

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    I was curious about the sea salt, as I had seen it mentioned so many times, so I did a message search and found PatPalmer's article (5/27 for those who want to look it up). It totally blew my mind. I immediately threw out my table salt! I copies and e-mailed it to everyone I know.

    My husband hasn't eaten salt in years (except on potato chips and popcorn!) After reading the article, he demanded sea salt on his food! I'm also starting the Water Cure and I lick the salt off my hand with each glass. Yummy!

    I can't get to the health food store until next month so I bought McCormick's in the grocery store. It comes with a grinder on top. It does have one anti-caking agent in it but I figured it was better than table salt to tide me over until I can get the pure stuff.

    And those "little dishes" are called "salt sellers" (or cellars, I'm not sure of the spelling). They often come with tiny spoons for each one. You can also buy the salt grinders. When I get the pure stuff I'm going to pour out the McCormick's, fill it with the good salt and carry it in my purse for when I eat out, or to lick off my hand if I'm going to be out for any length of time.

  15. IntuneJune

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    Boy, that is DEEP in my ?mind? June
  16. IntuneJune

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    Think I will try them, it will at least bring a "touch of class" to our situation!!!!!! Fun! June
  17. sofy

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    Whatever brand you get you want hand harvested, naturally dried with no additives.

    Lima brand meets these standards and I can get it at my small local health food store and It was $3.69 in the 7.05 oz shaker jar.

    When I lived in a foreign country many years ago I first came across sea salt. It was this coarse, dirty looking salt on my salad that tasted like the sea. I still remember that first encounter. The salt was like an olive or caper. It was an entitity to itself with the taste buds not just a general taste. Im getting hungry
  18. ssMarilyn

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    The sea salt I have, Halen Moen, is a product of Wales. I don't have any from France. I also ordered some from New Zealand and some of the pink stuff from Hawaii. This is really fun, plus we now use salt with NO additives whatsoever and the improvement in the flavor is incredible. I like to put a little chunk on my tongue, it tastes so pure and a tad sweet. I still wonder why some health food stores sell sea salt with additives? We always have to be very careful and read the ingredients on the package.

    Some of our bath sea salts in our gift shop are from the Dead Sea.

    Marilyn :)
  19. Jasmine

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    i buy my celtic sea salt from The Grain and Salt Company and its got the 80 minerals in it. it makes my blood pressure much higher so i feel much better
  20. ssMarilyn

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    Last night I ordered the hawaiian pink sea salt, pure of course, and then I found some pure sea salt from New Zealand that I ordered also. Now why am I getting excited about my salts? I must be feeling better!

    Marilyn :)