Sea Salt Water Up the Nose? How Much?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anneW, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. anneW

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    I am trying the yeast, wheat, dairy, sugar free diet to try and get rid of my terrible sinus pressure headaches. I have read that washing out your sinus cavities with warm sea salt water daily can help.
    How much? How often? What is the best way to do it?
    Any help on the saltwater or the diet would be great!
    Thanks, Anne
  2. pearls

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    I've done this, but I must say that at least some otolaryngologists don't approve of it. The one I go to now suggests I just use Ocean or a spray of my own mixture.

    How to: about a scant teaspoon of salt mixed with a cup of warm water will do the trick. My current ENT only wants me to use filtered or distilled water. That's more trouble since you have to warm the filtered water. If you use a lot of water (lavage), it is important that it be warm because it is very difficult to stand otherwise. However, I must admit that room temperature Ocean as a spray is o.k. If the water is the right temperature, though, it is not hard to stand at all.

    Next, use some kind of spray device. If you wish to do a full lavage, and your doctor approves, you'll need some kind of squirting device, such as a baby ear syringe. Make sure it is clean. After using, be sure to wash it out with plan water. Then use rubbing alcohol to wash it out again. Be sure to get all the alcohol out before you store the syringe. If you ever use it without making sure the alcohol is gone, you'll get a big, unpleasant surprise! I like to store my syringe hanging upside down from a holder my husband made from a piece of rigid plastic. I hang this over a cup so the tip is not touching anything.

    If you are using a spray, you can just hold one nostril shut while you spray into the other nostril. Simply stand or sit up and spray it in. If you are wanting a full lavage, first fill your syringe from a cup of the saline solution. Then hold your head back, pinch one nostril shut, squirt the water into the other nostril, wait for it to get to the back of the sinus and down into the mouth. It needs to come out of the mouth for maximum benefit. Then spit it out. That's really all there is to it. You can repeat this until you can't get anymore gunk out of there.

    Still, I think you should seek your doctor's approval for this. Also, if your device is not kept clean or the water is not pure, you could be introducing all sorts of bad stuff into your sinuses.

    One day I passed a large blood clot that made my PCP all excited. My ENT doc said I probably got it from a too vigorous lavage. He said not to do that anymore unless I was really having a problem with stuffiness, but to simply spray a saline solution in there twice a day.

    I suspect I may have actually introduced some of my problems myself before I learned to do lavage more cleanly. A nurse-practioner taught me how to do it, but she did not teach me how to keep things sanitary. Be sure that you are very careful about sanitation.

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    Or any other prepared spray from the store. There is a preservative which is very bad for the mucus membranes. Make your own with bottled or filtered water and sea salt. Sniff it up as high into the sinuses as possible with the head slightly tilted forward while holding the other nostril closed. You can use it at room temperature. Use it as often as you need to, every two to four hours or so. It is the best thing you can do to prevent and treat sinus infections according the the head of the ENT Dept. at the Univ. of Colorado School of Medicine. He wrote the book, "Sinus Survival." Denver is the sinus capitol of the world.

    Love, Mikie