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    I've read all of the postings regarding sea salt. I'm assuming that the sea salt referred to is NOT THE IODIZED BRAND? CORRECT? I would like to try this therapy.
    Thanks everyone.........
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    The brand the article refers to is Redmond Realsalt. It is the best out there. I just bought some at the health food store, and it does contain iodine. If you look at the different brands, you'll see. They will say "This does not contain Iodine, a necessary mineral" on the container. If it doesn't say that, then look on the nutrition label, and if it contains iodine, then it will be listed.

    I am reluctant to start the therapy. I've read from Lane (I think) that her appetite was suppressed. I can't afford that. I am very underweight and don't have an appetite as it is. But it is the only salt I put on my food.
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    HI. Thanks for your story on the chills and sweats. I sounds like I am not alone anyway. In answer to your question about a new log in name. I would go to the log in section and see if that will be a help to you. Or you could try message board help. Greetings from Canada