Sea Salt?

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    I just got done reading the book You're not sick, You're Thirsty! I really enjoyed it but was reading on internet about the article of Sea salt from cure zone. They said not all Sea salt was good. Then the Dr. Batmanghelidj had a problem not getting enough Iodine. My question is what kind of Sea salt do you get? I had a Cat Scan one time because of bad headaches & they put this dye in me & I started getting hives so they quit right away & told me I was allergist to Iodine. Are you suppose to have Iodine or not? Also I am deathly allergist to Shrimp (shellfish) is Sea salt ok for me to use?

    Would really appreciate anything anyone knows?

    Thank you Deb
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    The Sea Salt that I take is 'Redmond Real Salt', from the health food store. They do have a web site.

    The minerals in in one 1/4 teaspoon are;

    Soduim Chloride 98.32%

    Calcium .40%

    Potassium .11%

    Sulphur .12%

    Magnesium .10%

    Iron .06%

    Phosphorus .05%

    Iodine .002%

    Manganese .0015%

    Copper .001%

    Zinc .0006%

    Then amount of Iodine is very small, but you may want to ask your doctor about it anyway if you are allergic, the shellfish too.

    This particular salt is from Redmond,Utah, and according to the bag its completely natural and is taken from ancient salt mines.

    Wish I could help more.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    You want to make sure that the sea salt you buy has no additives and has not been refined. Lots of grocery stores (and Walmart) carry Haines Sea Salt. It's junk.

    Real Salt, marketed in some health food stores by KAL, is the best. I found one by Alessi that has no additives, but it is white, so I'm suspicious - the best sea salts are slightly tannish.

    Also, I'd be careful of the ones that brag about being evaporated from sea water in Europe. Celtic is supposed to be the best (certainly the most expensive) but they evaporate it out in the open air. Where do sea gulls fly? My husband suggested that maybe it's a "no-fly zone", but I rather doubt it.

  4. Shirl

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    'No Fly Zone' for Seagulls??? I think we are married to the same man! That is exactly what my husband would tell me!

    Shalom, Shirl