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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellyann, May 18, 2003.

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    I went to my doctor last week. She would not refill my prescriptions for tramadol and a muscle relaxer I take. A rheumatologist gave me the last prescriptions. But I can't go back to him because my insurance has changed. Any way this new doctor I'm seeing wants me to start taking Sea Silver. To hear her talk it is a cure all for everything.
    She said tramadol is addictive and will not give me a refill. She did give me a 3 month prescription for zoloft,which I have been on for more than a year, but said she wanted me to stop taking that too. I don't think the woman has a clue about what I go through every day with having fibromyalgia. I will try the SeaSilver but if it doesn't work I suppose I'll have to find a new doctor.
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    I would not waste a moment even considering this dr's advice on any of it, I would be looking right now for a new doc.

    The meds this doc is refusing to give you are standard for us and necessary.

    Good luck, I am sorry you are dealing with this, I have a wonderful doc now (well, he is a PA, Madwolf from this sight) and he listens to me and treats my pain without argument, I have a lot of input into my treatment and I had a few lousy, uncaring and just downright stupid docs before I found him and I know how tough it is, I always left crying and in those days ..............pre Madwolf, I did not care if I lived or died. The pain was unbearable and being misunderstood at the doc and not being trusted by the doc were the worst part, the very person who is supposed to help you deal with the illness makes it so much worse by being an idiot.

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    Thanks for your response. I hate going to the doctor, and I am not looking forward to finding a new one. I just can't believe how my doctor treated me, like the fibromyalgia is no big deal. I wasn't even asking for a narcotic drug. I am in a great deal of pain as it is, I hate to think how bad it will get without the tramadol. You are very lucky to have a good doctor.
    Take Care!