Searching for the actual problem with American Youth Education

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    What's Wrong with Education?
    (Besides that everyone, including students, are incompetent:)

    Let's see, kids go through a phase wherein they mimic and want to mimic their parents and adults. Couldn't teach them to do that.

    So, they want to mimic Daddy and Mummy. What do they have to mimic? Typical American Daddy (not all fortunately) comes home at night...eats dinner, has a beer and watches TV.
    On the weekend, Daddy wants to play.

    So little Johnny wants to mimic eating, watching TV, and having fun. He wants to grow up and do that. "Work" is totally foreign, something that he never sees Daddy do, and something to get away from because
    that's what Daddy says.
    I guess Mommy also has about same behaviors to copy nowadays.
    So, Johnny has no interest in work

    So, after this start in life, Johnny goes to school.
    He sees a teacher teaching, so he wants to teach when he grows up. He doesn't care much about learning because doesn't see teacher learning. He just wants to teach. Unless teacher is learning a new "New Method of Teaching". Which explains why latest "New Method of Learning" works for a few years until the teacher has learned it.

    Of course, no adult would want to admit that this what is going on, because then the problem would be that kids are just copying the adults.


    Lack of attention to "facts", "evidence":

    The Wall Street Journal
    had an article about how the children of people in military do very well in the base schools. All the races scored evenly in standardized tests and all these scores were very high. Did anyone care?

    Camparative studies of High Schools indicate that class size is not important to achievement, but the total school size is important. As I remember, about 500 students optimal. Did anyone care?

    A study showed that students often do poorly because of lack sleep. Letting the students come to class an hour or two later improved achievement. (I can relate: I'm not a morning person.) Did anyone care?

    I guess everyone is so busy teaching everyone else how to teach "right" that no one bothers to look at reality studies, esp. because everyone already knows answers to "Why Johnny can't read". When was that book published?

    Umm, I don't know how I would do in school nowadays....difficult to learn when always have to watch back for knives.

    Just a personal guess, but a quick fix to education would be to start formally teaching "National Sports and History", and the "Compiled History of Rap", "Entertainment 101", "Movie Stars, their Complete Lives".

    And then stop formally teaching Civics, Politics,and geography in schools. Would be interesting experiment.

    O.k. I'm worn out. Hope I didn't bore anyone.
    Your Mr Bill.

    Criticism and suggestions welcome. Hope this proper forum for "Grumble 301". I've been thinking about the education problem for years, but haven't expressed "publically" before. Must be something inspirational about the board. Perhaps best not to encourage me:) What with my diagnosis and all:)

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    I think your suggestions for new courses are excellent.

    "The lives of trashy, overpaid celebrities who have thrown away all their opportunities" might be a popular course.

    Part of the problem, I think, is that a society generally gets what it values. I read they have best selling poets in Japan because poetry is valued there.

    We, on the other hand, value basketball. So we have pituitary cases in baggy bloomers who are paid obscene salaries to play a children's game. Most of them, as somebody said a few years ago, couldn't make $25,000 a year if they had to work at a real job.

    A huge part of the problem is most Americans live in cities now. Not a good place to rear children.

    And following the femininr revolution both parents frequently work so there is no one home to mind the kids.

    And tv. Tv was new when I was a teenager. Dire predictions were made which I thought were silly and which I now think were pretty accurate.

    You could watch tv for a month of Sundays w/o ever hearing any discussion of responsibility, duty, ethics, study, work hard, community service, good citizen, etc. Almost entirely a diet of silliness and a tsunami of ads: buy, buy, buy!!!

    Students know nothing of history. They do not realize that 200 years ago only the wealthy were educated. No country provided free education. Education has become pearls before swine for a large segment of our youth.

    And the teachers aren't always the best either. Here in Los Angeles half the teachers don't even have credentials. They are always on strike or threatening a strike or planning a strike. And then again, it's difficult to teach in a school systems where students speak dozens of languages.

    I don't think it takes a village to raise a child, but I do think children who grow up in a village or small city have a better chance.

    Quick now: What is the capital of North Dakota?

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    Only place I know in North Dakota is Fargo, and the feel of the movie didn't say, this is "state capitol". Darn,got me. I liked, "pituary cases in baggy pants":) Yes, a lot of money for bouncing a round ball. Didn't Jesus say something like," When became an adult, then gave up chidish things".

    Something I won't be around for is the results of interbreeding of basket ball players=extra tall people, horse jockeys=extra small people, and talk show hosts=extra fast talkers.

    I'm off for a few days, yea!, probably back Monday.
    Cheers, Your Mr Bill.

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