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    Just a note for newbies, especially.

    This site has tons of information to guide you if you need to file for so-called "welfare"/social services (SSI, or Supplemental Security Income);
    for disability because you can no longer work, and your doctor(s) and medical records have enough documentation to prove it (SSDI, or Social Security Disability Income).

    These two programs are run by the Social Security Administration, at or call your local office for info/help.

    They usually take one application for both SSI and SSDI: you may be eligible for one while the other is being considered, or you may only be eligible for SSDI based on your work experience because you have too much income in the "household".

    Just put either SSI, SSDI or Disability in the "Search" by Topic box, (or do all 3, one at a time), and WATCH OUT...LOL, you'll be buried in the best questions and all the answers you ever wanted!!!

    Good hunting...
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    Seems there are more questions, hope this helps you...

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