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    Over the summer I hurt my knee. I was told that the kneecap slipped out of place, but caused little damage. I took precautions playing volleyball this fall and wore a heavy duty hinged sports brace. I had no knee injuries all season, but occasionally had sharp pains after drills. Lately there are just searing pain just below and behind my kneecap, when I stand and walk, and on the inside (like inner thigh side) when I'm sitting. I have, what I believe to be, jumper's knee in my OTHER knee from muscle tears during skiing and excessive pressure from limping when I previously injured the other knee.

    My doctor told me I shouldnt have pain in the knee I injured if I take precautions, which I have been. I walk long distances between some of my classes and spend a lot of time standing at vocal forensics/speech meets. Any clues to what I've done? Or what I can do to ease the pain?
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    hi have you ever thought of getting checked for arthritis.i hurt my knee a long time ago and now they tell me i have arthritis in both my knees.maybe you should ask your doctor if he can check you.good luck

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    Hi 27, Maybe you tore the medial meniscus in your knee? I did, and the paid was blinding. When you said that it also hurt just sitting that struck a familiar memory chord.

    This is an easy one to rule out: The good old MRI. Mine was arthroscopic surgery and 90% fixed.

    Good Luck