Seashells Smell...HELP

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. lgp

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    First my dancer daughter's feet--now this.

    My daughter and I collected a beautiful array of seashells on the beach in Florida last week. I took them out of the ziploc bag when we got home and soaked them in hot water. Well, now they really stink!!! I put them in an uncovered Glad plastic container and put them in the garage (which is quite large with an open window so there's adequate ventilation). Guess what? STILL STINKS!!! The garage smells funky now too--great. If anybody has any ideas on removing the smell from the shells without destroying their beautiful colors (like bleach might do) please let me know ASAP as she wants to make mothers day gifts (picture frames) and necklaces for her sisters. Would baking soda work? I know my panel of 'experts' here will definitely help me out!

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  2. Rafiki

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    A whole article about getting the smell outa the shell!
  3. lgp

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    I never would have 'thunk' it myself!! Thanks so much..I'm gonna check it out right now.


    P.S. BTW, the Walt Whitman quote in your profile is my all-time favorite WW quote. Not too long ago I passed this quote onto my daughters, and they love it too, especially my one twin since she was a recipient of the Walt Whitman poetry award last year. We live not to far from Walt Whitman House which is a lovely place to visit.
  4. Rafiki

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    I have poet children, too! Lovely, isn't it!

    I used to have parties where people would sit around (often outside, sometimes in the park) drinking wine and reading Whitman aloud. They were grand. You would have enjoyed them.

    Now I sing the body static electric :~)


  5. pasara

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    there probably were still some critters in your shells. i've always just left my shells in the hot sun for a several days and usually takes care of things.
  6. Mikie

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    Shells are often home to sea life. If you take live shells, the critters will die. Some shells wash ashore with dead critters still inside them. When shells smell, this is often the case. Leaving them outside in the sun or using the above-described water/bleach method will take care of the smell.

    It is illegal to remove "live shells" from the Florida beaches. If one picks up a shell and sees any movement coming from the opening, one should throw it back into the water. If one picks up a two-sided, clam- or mussel-type shell and it slams shut, it should also be returned to the water.

    Love, Mikie

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