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    <> I'm Eric, and I have CFIDS. been tired since 5th grade after Mono, and i'm now 27. i never recovered from mono it seems. when i susposed to be getting over it i kept asking my grandpa when i was going to get better, but I never did completely. anyways...

    I have orthostatic intolerance by summer and cold feet/legs by winter. It's so difficult to cope with. the ortostatic intolerance bothers me the first 3 hours or so after getting up in the morining or whenever i get up. In the winter or as of september, i get real cold starting in my feet and it spreads to my legs and if i don't get dressed warm or in the blankets fast enough then my whole body gets frozen and it can take me all evening or even a whole day to get warmed up!!!! I also get those phantom fevers others talk about. It starts from being cold or in the cold and then coming into the warm heat then my body gets confused with temperature regulation. It's a depressing way to spend winter. I like to go out and excercise and watch trains and bike ride but in the winter I don't even make it to the railroad tracks to watch trains and i'm so cold that by the time i get there i have to leave and miss the action. Now we are moving to an apartment clear across town and that would be about 2 miles out and back then on my bike. i don't like driving if i don't have to plus i like the freedom of bicycling but in the winter or heat of summer i would be exhausted by the time i get to the tracks and watch trains. then there's the hypoglycemia. I just get to having fun on my bike riding then my blood sugar goes down and that's a disaster while riding or concentrating. so many outings got spoiled because of that. plus with all this i have to figure out how to cross the street by the high school, another of the busiest streets in town by walmart with all that traffic. and when school gets out the high school kids drive recklessly to go home and they don't yeild or stop for anyone. imagine that intersection with fatigue low blood sugar and dangerous drivers. i'll be lucky to make it home safely. and yes i take powerbars on my ride, but they cost alot if i use them for each and every ride. so i only use them if its an emergency.

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    Hi Eric,

    I get cold easily too, although it doesn't sound as severe as you have it. One thing I've found is that it's really important to keep your head warm -- apparently the body tries to keep the head and heart warm, if necessary at the expense of everything else. So you'll save a lot of energy by wearing a warm hat and scarf.
    Actually, if any part of me is cold it seems to suck the heat out of the rest of my body, so I always wear gloves, long socks, etc. I live on the west coast of Canada. The climate is fairly mild, we don't often get snow in winter, but it's damp and gets right into your bones. I'm planning on buying a set of silk long underwear this fall. I had it a few years ago and it really helps, and doesn't feel heavy or itchy.
    Also, how about taking a thermos of hot herbal tea with you? Heating the inside is a quick way to warm up. I especially recommend ginger tea.
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    Maybe you could give this a try; In CFS the blood volume is low, which makes us dizzy, fatigued, etc. I was on a low-salt diet for a while for my BP. of course I got worse (like the symptoms you describe), but realised it had to do with a decrease in blood volume. I desided to disobey (nothing new under the sun,,LOL!)my MD and increase salt intake, and drink more water. It didn't make things go away, but it sure made it better.

    The salt will help your body increase your blood volume. It will also increase your BP a snap which will only help your body get the oxygen transportation going a little. My brain is a pain in the rear, I hope I made any sense at all!
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    I've read about increasing water and salt intake but forget to add salt to my meals. always grew up thinking salt is bad. This summer was awefull with the heat so i could'nt keep enough water in me. i have to get a routine going. thanks for the advice.
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    If it doesn't work, post again and someone might have more ideas.

    Nice "meeting" you!

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    It seems that our internal thermostats don't work properly with these DD's!! I have alot of the same symptoms that you describe!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It's very possible that i have Cfs also along with the Fm. but have only been diagnosed with Fm.

    In the winter or as you say (sept) I get the cold body everyday the temp goes below 40 degrees! along with the stifness!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,One thing i found that Helps the coldness is to put a blanket in the dryer for a few minutes and wrap up in it to get warm !

    And also to do some sort of stretching exercise after i get warm! if you Check out the power bars at the doller stores or on ebay you can get them cheaper!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope this helps you! ,,,sydney
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    not sure what that means
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    If i'm used to the 80's then it drops to the 60's that's freezing to me. when younger i used to where shorts in the 50's or 60's sometimes. now it has to be 70's or higher. if its 100degrees then drops to 70 thats cold to me. of course even normal people might get chilled in temp drops to some extent but for me adjusting I never really get adjusted right away especially when it's 50degrees or lower. now after being in 20degree weather for a long period then it goes to 40 or 50 degrees that feels great.

    I notice even though our weather dropped from 90's and 100's to 70's and 80's it still feels hot to me lately. except our cold front today. weird the way the temp feels to me lately. i usually get cold chilled after 4pm when i start to get tired. i usaully get hot around 10pm on winter nights. i notice the times i get hot or cold is usually same times every night. it also depends on if i'm tired and if i'm having low or high blood sugar.
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    Dreaded Disease! or what ever word you want to put first! there's alot of abreviations used on this Board! type abreviations in the search box at the top left of the page and it will let you know what they are! there's alot of info on hear about diets also!

    Maybe you can find one to help keep your blood sugar on a level! Type "the Shake" in the search box also for a really good breakfast start to your day! alot of people move to climates that are in the 60's to 80's year round to control their pain!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,goodluck
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    If i'm in the cold long enough sometimes i get stomach nausea from tensing up from the cold.

    If i do something strenuous in the cold such as running then come into the heat i get winded and i feel woozy and can't think clearly for about an hour. does that happen to anyone else? is it CFS related?

    one time i paced and chased a slow moving train, i'm railfan (person who likes trains for a hobby), on my bicycle in the cold. it was in the 30's i think. I got ahead of it and when i got off my bike to watch it i got soooo winded i dropped to the ground on my butt like a fly in a bug zapper. I almost passed out, aka fainted. i hyperventilated? lost oxygen to the brain momentarily for sure. don't know if THAT was CFS related or not.