seated anaerobic exercise: suggestions?

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    I am looking to start doing some simple seated strength building exercises, and wondered if anyone had ideas or suggestions.

    With these health problems it seems like it is easy to do the wrong thing without realizing it.

    I had recently been doing a lot of light stretching, having read that was a good place to start.

    I since dislocated my knee and learned I have joint hypermobility sydrome. I now think all that stretching was not the best thing for me.

    So now I am cautiously looking for strength buiding exercises.

    I have POTS so need the exercises to be seated, and ones I can do at home.

    I briefly searched online, and then thought I would ask here since this is such a well informed group.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give.
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    This is a public television program that some older disabled (non-CFS) folks I knew used and liked. I had heard of it before I became ill with CFS. I haven't tested it yet.

    Interestingly, I was surprised to learn that the instructor herself, who is an RN, came down with CFS and was sick for 4 years. Most of the videos were made BEFORE her CFS diagnosis; she did use her own exercises while sick with CFS. There is a section on CFS and FM on the site.
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    I had difficulties with all forms of exercise until Tx started to have some effect. I could injure myself very easily; other family members with hypermobility syndrome also had to find what worked best for them through trial and error.

    The only way I could build up the right kind of strength in my core muscles and lower limbs was through using a pilates machine. The upper limbs have been more problematic because both the nerves and muscles are more adversely affected; so I do not use the pilates machine for them.

    The only problem with a pilates machine is that the exercises are done lying down; this is fine during the actual exercises but you may have more Sx on rising than if you had just rested. That's how it was for me.

    tc, Tansy
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    for your ideas

    I will look into sit and be fit, lichu3, thank you

    Tansy, a pilates machine sounds good, but problem is it will require me to be up to getting out of the house. Thank you for sharing your experience though, it helps.

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    Suggested some exercise tapes for people who remain seated. Will attempt to find the name.

    Generally, most say that water exercise is the best thing for CFS and FM patients, in water at least 88 degrees in temp.

    It doesnt' have to be complicated, as one can get a water belt which will hold one upright and afloat, even if one cannot swim, and then water walk, or do stretches.
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    So I don't lose this info.