Seattle FM lecture TONIGHT 6/18/03

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    If you live in Seattle there is a lecture tonight at the Rgata Condominiums 1700 northlake way Seattle. Its at 6;30. I recieved an invite when I called the office of Dr. Jeff Finnigan He is a D.C BCOA in Lacey Washington. Looks like a very interesting time . Unfortunetly , I cant go because I still am in a cast from my ankle surgery and cant drive. If you would like to go call his office to reserve a space.360-459-7800. I will call and tell them I am unable so it will free up a space as I think its going to be a small group/ He sounds very up and talks about drug free easy manipulation ect. Wish I could go but too hard with a cast and crutches. Please let us know if anyone does go .