Seaweed-instant energy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wineToU2, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Has anyone else tried seaweed?? I bought sheets of seaweed at the supermarket (kind used for sushi-only $1.50) I noticed an improvement in energy right away. I couldn't believe all the expensive things that I have tried in the past that didn't work.
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    Spirulina (sp?) is seaweed I think, also kelp. Spirulina is recommended during fasting for energy & substenance.
    Good for the thyroid, among other things. Pippat
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    The seaweed(norimaki)you mention was responsible for my first remission 17 yrs. ago. I think it probably helped because I was hypothyroid but didn't know it. Seaweed has both iodine and magnesium, which most of us need supplemented.

    I'm in my 4th relapse - more than a year now - and I'm taking Armour's thyroid(60mg), but I still feel better after
    eating sushi-kind of seaweed. More alert and energetic.

    If you live near an ocean, walks by the ocean also helped. Breathing the salty air helped heal me too.

    I've posted about the norimake seaweed elsewhere on the board, under my name: isee.

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    Thanks to your post, it reminded me I had a bottle of Kelp tablets lurking at the back of my cupboard, - the sell by date was July, but being a tight so and so thought i`d rather swallow than throw in the bin.

    I noticed I feel so much better and clear headed. It`s remarkable.

    So maybe I have a Thyroid problem despite normal blood results from the Doc.

    Love Pat.