Second try ... questions about guai, calcium & whey

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rose123, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Rose123

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    Question for you veterans of fms/cfs. I was diagnosed this year w/both and went on guai right away, now for about 6 months. Have been mapped and told by doctor that I'm clearing. I now have pain in my legs and feet, but I never had pain there before I went on treatment -- it was more in my neck and back and hands.

    Now the questions...

    1) What kind of calcium supplement should I take? Is a general mineral sup OK?

    2) I'm thinking of taking Immunepro, but I've read people say they get worse at first... why? If it helps your immune system, it seems like it should cause improvement only. If the guai makes you worse at first and the whey makes you worse at first, is there any danger of just overwhelming your body with the phosphates or whatever those little things are?

    3) Challenge for Mike, hope you don't mind. You say you're on guai over 1 year and fms is better but your fatigue is not. How could that be? If guai helps and fms is part of cfs, would both not get better at the same time?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Rose123

    Rose123 New Member

    Thanks Jelly for the info on calcium. Got it, started it.

    Now, folks, what about the whey???

  3. teach6

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    I just starteed taking the Immunepro about two weeks ago. I did not notice any negative effects from it. I think it needs a bit more time to make a judgment on it, but if anything I believe I am perhaps a little better, energy wise with it.

    As for your question to Mikie I don't think it is completely agreed upon that FM is part of CFS. I know there are many on this board who have been dx'd with FM without the CFS. I also have some friends who have the FM dx without CFS. I can guarantee you they are not dealing with the same fatigue and cognitvie problems I have on a daily basis from CFS.

  4. Mikie

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    Sorry, I've been really busy today and just got here.

    I have both FMS and CFS. My fatigue is improved and I have days where I have more energy. The Guai is reversing my FMS symptoms. If all I had were the FMS, I would probably feel well by now.

    My CFS was triggered by a mycoplasma infection about 12 years ago. Along the way, I picked up FMS too. I do not believe that until the antibiotics kill off the mycoplasmas, my fatigue and cognitive problems will go away. I'm much better than I was, but if I didn't also have the CFS, I believe I would be just about well.

    No one knows for sure whether these two are one and the same illness with different sets of symptoms, with some of us having all the symptoms and some of us not, or whether they are different. There are a lot of overlapping symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Rose123

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    Are you Ms. Mikie? Think I inadvertently changed your gender, sorry about that!

    This helps clear up the mystery somewhat. I've been reading about mycoplasma infections with interest, as I've had a chronic cough which gets better and then worse again for months, and I think I'm going to ask one of my Drs. to test me for pneumonia.

    Thanks for your input.