Second visit with new pain center

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. clueless

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    Today was my second visit with the new pain center and so far am impressed. I had`nt really told them the severity of my pain as I told them today when you tell a doctor that you hurt all over, their eyes glaze over and they say " you look depressed". I was told that it is fibro. for sure and that I also have pheripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs (hence the terrible burning I suffer there). They gave me the name of a new primary doctor as I needed one desperately.I am having a kidney or bladder problem (testing showed no urine infection) when I told the doctor I have that it was worse his answer was "well, what do you want to do see a urologist? and proceeded to tell me how painful the test is for a man as well as a woman . At that moment I knew I needed a new Dr.What annoys me is that you have to pay $65 to have your records copied and sent to the new Dr.One thing they told me today is that IT IS possible to have fibro. attack you when you have surgery.Even the same day!!! I have really been angry with my surgeon about it.Well, I guess I really needed to talk to people who understand what happened to me today. Thanks for listening!! Clueless
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    ...that your appointment at the pain center went well. Keep us informed. :)

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    you know, ya go along, stumbling and faltering with your know nothing GP because the rheumy's and pain specialists can't do it all. But after a couple of years, sometimes sooner, the GP that you thought was at least benign, altho useless, comes out with, I CAN'T HELP YOU! OR, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!
    Mother of god! we are all playing games here.
    I go to my GP, I try my best not to tell him ALL my symptoms cuz he'll glaze over. Then in the meantime, HE'S holding back telling you, it's all in your head. What a charade. I give up. I'm not going anymore I don't care what happens.
  4. Mikie

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    Many are not only good with managing pain but also know a whole lot about our illnesses and other conditions as well. I highly recommend seeing a pain specialist to anyone who is not getting adequate pain relief from his or her doc.

    Let us know how you are doing. We care.

    Love, Mikie
  5. keeponsmiling

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    Before you give up... have you ever gone to an alternative medicine doc? They look at health in a very different perspective. Good luck. :)

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    yes, i went to the chinese herbalist slash acupuncturist,type guy who is my brothers best friend so he wanted to help a lot, nothing worked. Some of the combinations of herbs have to be carefully watched because they interfere with my panic disorder.
    I had no results whatsoever from him. Neither good nor bad.
    Thanks for asking, tho. hugs, N
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    Glad you've gotten in to a pain center. Keep us posted.

    I am frustrated with my pcp also but not changing until January, then I'm going to get out of this da** HMO!