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    two days ago i asked for my dr. to give me blood work for the h. pylori test, in june it was done and came back negative for it, the results are back, my PCP drs' secreatary call me few minutes ago, to tell me that the dr. saw something in the blood work that was done, i don't know if she did other test along with the h. pylori test.

    why she waited this late in the afternoon to call me to tell me this, is scary, because as of this hour, the dr left for the day and wont be back in the office until SATURDAY , and want me to come in. i don't know what she found, and im going crazy sitting here trying to understand what i have that was found in the blood test.

    god help me.
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    I know waiting for medical info can be so stressful and scary, but I think that the fact that she waited this long to call you probably indicates that whatever was found is not really urgent, and that in itself should be a good sign.
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    I too know that it's worrisome to have to wait, but most calls to patients are made after office hours when they have the time to actually make them. During hours they are too busy with the patients that are in the office to have the extra phone time.

    This doesn't seem fair to the patient's to have to wait to find out results, but it does happen all the time, so don't just assume it's the wost. As easy as it is for us to worry, it really doesn't change the outcome..........but yes, I do understand!

    Wishing you well............Jole