SED rate 100, lots of pain "bump"

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    Karen-My sed rate is 100 and CRP is 1.9 - no wonder I hurt. Doc reduced prednisone to .5 mg to experiment. Had temporal artery biopsies to check for Giant Cell arteritis - results tomorrow. Also have diabetes, Dupryten contracture, heel spurs involving achilles tendon, bowel and bladder problems, neuropathy, fatigue, sleep problems, etc. and etc.
    disability denied by SS and private company - on appeal. Don't feel the docs are descriptive enough in office notes.
    There is "another probable connective tissue or autoimmune disease" that 2 doctors haven't diagnosed yet, even Cleveland Clinic. Playing a waiting game but hanging in there - can't stand pain meds.

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    If you have that much inflammation did your Dr also give you an antiinflammatory like celebrex or vioxx or bextra? Ask for one of those if you don't have it & it should help w/your pain. I like celebrex for me, but they all worked to some degree. Take care!
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    Am on Bextra and have been on other two, thanks