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  1. lnw3602

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    Hi to everyone. I was diagnosed in December with FM by a doc that gave me Tramadol and scheduled an appointment for a YEAR later. I have another appointment set up with a doctor who may can help me next week. I am going to him loaded with information (doctors either hate this or love this). I wanted to ask him to test me for a list of viruses, but the last doc did my sed rate and it was fine. Would this mean that I do not indeed need to ask New Doc for this test?

    I want to say how much I have loved this board since December. I cried in the doctors office when she gave me the news. She suggested an antidepressant without explaining to me that it could help with the pain as a side effect. I thought she just thought I was depressed. Anyway, I am not a joiner by nature, but I love reading all of your stories, it really does make me feel better.

  2. kmoss55

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    When I was first dx with Lupus my sed rate was high. It shows something is inflamed. That is the best way I know to decribe "sed rate".

    I'll bump this up.
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    Hi Laura-Nell,

    I was just diagnosed with FM last month. I have been having symptoms for years and had a very high SED rate two years ago and then it went back to normal. I have always wondered if I had some sort of virus that caused this because I am allergic to most antibiotics and have never been able to finish a complete dosage.
    Just curious..what viruses are you being checked for? I am having a hard time accepting this as my fate and want to research every possible thing I can think of checking. I agree that this board has been a life-line for me too because I'm not much of a complainer and the people around me just don't truly understand what this pain is like.
    I wish you luck with you doctor's appointment and hope that there is a discovery somewhere within our lifetime...

    Be well
  4. lnw3602

    lnw3602 New Member

    Thanks for your input. I am gonna cut and paste most of an article I found for your information. Good luck to you.

    Okay, I needed the luck to cut and paste. No can do.

    A doctor in Indiana said that his FM patients tested positive for three to nine of the 17 viruses he tested them for. And they are:
    *Epstein Barr virsus EBW
    *Cytomegalorvirus CMV
    *Herpes virus: 8 types
    *Parvovirus B19
    Norwalk agent
    *Enteric Coronavirus
    *Varicella - Zoster virus VZV
    Pogosta virus
    Sindbis virus
    *Coxzckie A adn B virus
    *The Most frequently involved virses.
  5. infogirl

    infogirl New Member

    Thank you for the list. I'm trying to find an autoimmunities lab in my area and see if I can get some of these tests done. There has to be an answer somewhere...

  6. lurkernomore

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    I have just been reading your post and was wondering if you or anyone here could explain to me what cytomeglavirus is?

    I have a friend who got seriously ill. ( She was in the hospital for a couple of weeks) and was diagnosed with this. She was discharged and now "seems" perfectly fine. I say "seems" because we all know that looks can be so deceiving. But she says she feels great and goes from daylight until dark, so I tend to believe her.

    But I have had no luck in googling CMV, nor is it well explained in any of my old nursing texts and I am just very curious as to what it is. I am sure it is in the virus family. I'd just like to learn more about it, if anyone could explain or direct me to a good site for it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to all!
  7. lnw3602

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    I "yahooed" the CMV and came up with many answers, here are two of them. - -
  8. winsomme

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    the recent research focus has been on HHV6.

    you may run into trouble getting a mainstream DR to test for these viurses, but there are a bunch of DRs out there now that are testing for this stuff now.

    i can give a you a list is you'd like.

    you might want to bring in an article about the Montoya studies because he is a pretty mainstream Doc, and your Doc might respond a little more to that.


    PS - as for Sed Rate. what i have read is that Sed Rates in CFS run low (0-4) and one explanation for that is hypercoagulation casued by either low grade, chronic infection or toxin buildup. it's all very thoeretical. do a google for Hemex and CFS and you will find a lot of info on that topic.
  9. lnw3602

    lnw3602 New Member

    I just printed the article to take on Wednesday to the new Doc. Thanks again,

  10. zeldaj

    zeldaj New Member

    I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Epstein Barr. She had a very, very high set rate along with 2 other rates that I cannot remember, sorry. Her previous doc completely ignored this trememdously elevated sed rate, but the new doc picked up on it and has placed her on Erythromycin and an antiviral. I have been diagnosed with fibro and cmp, but have similar symptoms to hers. She is after me to ask my doc about taking these meds regardless of what the sed rate resut may be. I just am at my wits end because of just not feeling well constantly along with having pain even though I am on Tramadol and Hydrocodone. I am also on antidepressants, absolutely nothing helps. I just may have to change docs. I do think it helps to have others to talk with. Thanks

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