Sed Rate & CRP Question .. Madwolf,Sujay,Ac77 or??

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    I should know this answer but I guess fibro fog has gotten to me !!!!!!

    Would Fibro cause the sed rate to be high such as 40-70 and also a high C-reactive protein ?????

    Yes.....I am in much joint and muscle pain.but didint think fibro raised sed rate etc.... One of my Dr's suspects lupus but another says "NO".because ANA is only 1:80 speckled and not high enough of an indicater.
    Thanks in advance.......
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    I have asked them this same question as I too have high sed rate and crp. Madwolf along with my doctor said that these indicate inflamation in our bodies. My doctor says I have crhonic infammatory dieses along with fms. Sorry spelling bad had to take my pain meds. The crp the more I look into it is pretty serious thing to have a high one. Inflamation is a big factor in heart dieses. I have started taking bromelaine to combat the inflamation. My lupus test was positive also but low as yours. This inflamation is very painful. I am having a real difficult time now because of the humidity. Well hope I have helped some. Madwolf is on a vacation with wife.
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    Your RA is what is causing "YOUR" high sed rate..... Probably !!!!!

    Are you on treatment for RA ?????

    I have been researching a lot and it seems there has been remarkable remission of RA with antibiotic therapy also called antibiotic protocol.

    I am going this route for my FM and mycoplasma infection.