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    Back in March I had a lot of blood work done and my SED rate was 55 (normal is under 20). I had it done again a week later and it was 18. I just had another blood work-up done last week and now it is back up to 36. High SED rate can be caused by many things but it has got me worrying. I have vulvodynia (chronic vulvar irritation) so I am figuring that when I have a flare-up (which I am having now) that may cause it. Anyway, was wondering if any of you have SED rate issues and what has caused it. Thanks!
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    Mine has been up and down for the past 3 years or so. My highest has been 96. My doctors can't figure it out but believe that it might be due to Arthritis.
    My D-Dimer also registers high. Usually your D-Dimer should be below 250. My last test revealed my D-Dimer at 1061. Doctor's have run every test imaginable looking for possible blood clots or heart related problems. A technician told my that a high D-Dimer is no longer a sign for possible blood clots. He said that some people just run high for some reason.
    Who knows???
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    Thanks for your responses and bumping my post. It is so busy around here that things move off page 1 so quick!! I appreciate you help!

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