Seeing A New Doc This Week...I'm Nervous

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroPainSufferer, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. FibroPainSufferer

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    Wish me luck all! I’m seeing a new doctor this Thursday who treats my mother-in-law’s fibro. He’s her PCP, she doesn’t need to go to a pain specialist, and I’m really hoping he will help me. I see my mother-in-law going shopping, taking vacations, working a 40 hour work week, etc...and I want to be able to do this too. I would love to get at least some of my life back.

    I’m excited about seeing him yet I’m nervous too! I’ve been treated like I’m crazy by so many doctors that I always have a lot of anxiety before a doctor’s appointment. I'm sure a lot of you can relate!

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  2. I know what you mean, I am always anxious going to a new dr. , let alone any dr. Be sure to make a list , put the most important questions on top of the list in case it isn't long enough time allowed. Part of my fibro problem is the stress of fibro and dealing with drs. I think. I have always been a worrier.
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    I know how you feel Fibropainsuffer~~
    I hope you can go in there and be your own best advocate and have all your information down on paper, and make sure the apt. is long enough. Sometimes I've called ahead to make sure I have an extra time limit on my apt., so he doesn't rush me and can talk with me longer, where he can go over everything I want to ask and have answers too.

    They have this tendency to always rush you, but I found that only from pain management Dr's mostly. But seeing your seeing a family practitioner, you should have plenty of time to discuss all your issues and then some. You also have your mother- in- law that he treats, and the fact he treats fibro is a big plus!!

    I find sometimes when I see someone new, I freeze right up and nothing gets accomplished and they end up doing all the talking. If you can, take charge and speak up and tell them exactly what works for you and what doesn't. Mostly your pain issues, seeing there seems to be a big debate going on about the use of narcotics for fibro and other chronic pain suffers. The DEA is keeping their eyes on all the Dr's these days for some reason as I'm reading about it in all the newspapers.

    I know I had no luck with my pain management Dr., so my own Dr. is handling all my pain medications. But I would like to find someone who does treat fibro and treats me with the utmost respect we all deserve.

    Good luck with your apt though, and I hope it goes well for you.
    Gentle hugs,
  4. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    My anxiety seems to be getting worse the closer it gets to my appointment! I hate this! Doctors really intimidate me!

    I’m not only going to make a list of my questions but also my current & past medicines. I’ve also kept copies of my test results, for instance, my MRI results on my back, tests for lupus, lymes, etc...I even asked for a copy of my results from when I went to the hospital back in October in severe pain. They took X-rays, did blood work & urinalysis. The only thing they found was my histamine level was just a little high. Which would make sense because I’m allergic to everything. They sent me home & told me to take Benadryl. I left the hospital in worse pain!

    I’m hoping by showing the doctor all my test results he won’t put me through the testing again and he’ll believe that it is fibro & he’ll give me something for the pain at my appointment because I really don’t know how much longer I can deal with this!!! I wake every morning in pain!

    I’ve learned to make copies of my test results while I have them in my hands or request them right at that moment because it’s so hard to get your medical records from your previous doctors & who knows what they write in there. Before I left the hospital, I asked for a copy of every thing & they gave it to me.

    Thank you all for your kind words, it means so much to me to be able to talk to people who understand!!!

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  5. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    Hi Fibropainsufferer~~

    I just had to post to you again to tell you about my experience when you said you have all your paperwork, medical files, tests done, the whole history ready for your appt~~~

    I too did just that, and it took me several weeks to get all my history down on paper and typed up all my medications, etc., questions I wanted to ask him and just about a 5 inch file full of surgeries, you name it and I had it!!

    Not to even mention my anxiety level by the time I got to the pain management Dr for the appt. I was told it would take a total of 3 hrs, to which it turned into just 20 minutes of his time and probably 20 minutes of the nurses time. He came in and basically just looked at a few things and started to tell me nothing but how he would suggest using the tens machine and nothing about any other options, or adding medications or even about how I felt with my pain level with the meds I was on at the time. He never even touched my body to go over all my tender points or anything. I was so dumbfounded when he said that was all he could do and shook my hand and walked out!!

    Leaving me sitting there wondering what just happened or was he even coming back, or if I was to leave and do what? The nurse had to finally come in to tell me the appt. was over with and I could leave!! WHAT?? I'm finished? That was it!! I never went back and wrote him up to the hospital he works for and went back to my own Dr., who now prescribes all my medications and handles all of my treatment options!!

    This is all I just wanted to add.....Please make sure you have him listen to all your complaints and don't let him do all the talking and you ask the questions you have or want answered. As I had said before, be your own best advocate in fighting for your rights!! If he walks out to do something else, which alot of Dr's do, and then comes back and basically says we are finished without saying to you, "is there anything else you would like to discuss with me", or do you have any other questions you'd like answered"...... then he isn't the Dr. for anyone!!

    I'm sure you know what to do, but when we are nervous or the anxiety overwhelms us, we have a tendency to forget what we want to ask or have them do for us. They are suppose to work for us and not the other way around. Afterall this is your body that you have to live in, and only you know what is best for you!!

    But I'm sure you will be fine seeing he already deals with fibro and knows your mother-in-law!! So, thats a good start right there.

    I don't mean to scare you, but I just wanted you to know how sometimes things can get so overwhelming that what you want to say, never gets said because of a time limit they put on each appt they have scheduled that day, and they do rush us most of the time!!

    I wish you all the luck in the world, as I don't like to see anyone not get what they deserve from their Dr's, and something like fibro can be a very lengthly appt if you want all your questions answered and be assured your getting the best treatment for all your needs!!

    I'll keep you in my thoughts that everything turns out fine and you are treated with the upmost respect!! Keep us updated on your appt., and good luck once again!!
    Gentle hugs,
  6. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I’ve dealt with doctors like that when I was seeking help for my panic attacks. It took 10 years until I found a doctor who could help me. There is no way I can deal with my fibro the way it is for 10 years!

    I am hoping that since he treats my mother-in-law, that he’s a believer in fibro & knows how to treat it & most of all...knows how to treat me at my appointments!

    Thanks you so much again Shelby!!!
  7. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    My appointment is in 3 hours and my anxiety is so high right now! Thus causing me a lot of pain!

    I don’t know what to do if this doctor isn’t understanding & can’t help me!
  8. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    Hi Fibropainsufferer~~

    I was away for a couple of days, but I was thinking of you and how you made out at the Dr's appt. yesterday. So, if you see this, I would love to know how everything went and how well you were treated with your issues and all. I do hope the anxiety level went down some by the time you got there, although I know myself that isn't easily done. We have this tendency to let our emotions rise so high right before any Dr's apt!!

    I do wish and pray everything worked out in your favor and you did get all your many questions answered!!! And I'm praying for you that now you feel much better with the outcome and it was a good one!!

    If you see this and have a chance to let me know..I sure would love to know that someone had a fantastic encounter with a great Dr. who treated you with the the utmost respect you so deserved and then some!!

    Gentle hugs and well wishes,

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