Seeing a physical therapist -- how often do you go?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    I went to a physical therapist for my FM yesterday for the first time. I have a feeling she may be able to help me a bit. My question is, how often do all of you who see therapists go to them? And does your insurance keep paying? $100 a trip is a lot if I end up having the insurance stop paying.

  2. Cactuslil

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    by me were through researching physical therapy...No lie. And, I credit those range of motion exercises and other mechanisms I learned through studying their course work have been invaluable!

    I am haveing some reversal of hip movement which had worsened due to prolounged (sp?) use of Pred. My upper body strength has improved although it tends to be the first to go ker-plung when I regress; all in all I am in better physical shape today, even with the added #-age from Cushings that in years. Cactus.
  3. healing

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    I go almost every week -- the only thing that prevents me from going is business travel or vacation. My therapy is mainly gentle myofascial release, but the therapist and I also discuss appropriate exercises, devices that can help (he introduced me to the stillpoint inducer that I have become addicted to), ways to cope (ingenious uses for rolled or folded towels, e.g.), posture, effects of medicines on my system. In fact, it was he who diagnosed by gallbladder disease! He coordinates with my docs and shares notes with them. It's nice to have a team working with me, and I think the whole package has been enormously beneficial.

    My insurance covers just a little over half of the cost, and it pays for most of my visits -- towards the end of the year, I use up my allowable visits and have to pay out of pocket. I choke down the expense, because without this treatment, I would be locked up physically. There are other things I can do without -- e.g., I'd rather eat cereal for dinner than give up my PT!
  4. kadywill

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    twice weekly and it does help so much.