Seeing doc tommorrow, putting theory to test

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    Don't post much lately but for those who know me probably remember as a skeptic about most "theories" on the causes behind fibro. The one that I found to have the most logic behind it is that it's caused by problems in the brain, mainly the frontal lobe and the production of serotonin. It's related to anxiety (the primal "fight or flight" response that seems to be stuck at "on" in people with FMS), ADHD and other problems that brain scans are showing as abnormalities. I had an appointment for early March but because of a cancellation I go tommorrow. The neuropsychologist is mainly looking for adult ADHD- inattentive but understands to look for other possibilities. Because of location I will probably begin treatment with a shrink (nearest doctor that is familiar with the drugs, not because they think it's a mental problem). I'm going with an open mind to follow whatever treatments they recommend and see what happens, even if I don't agree with their conclusions. Haven't seen anything that makes more sense to me yet. Will let everyone know what happens.

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    Your idea about FM in the brain is in my opinion right on. good luck.
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    Bob - I agree that there must be something in the brain that's not working in FM as in CFIDS. It is - I believe - established that people with CFIDS have typical kinds of brain dysfunction: beta and delta wave reversal (you're awake at night and asleep at day, as it were), generally poor or not at all working frontal lobes, short term memory impairment, 'overworked' temporal lobes, and lots more. This seems to hold equally of people whose main cause of CFIDS seems to be (of course we don't know) viral, bacterial, or environmental (mercury and fluoride toxicity) or "just" stress. See the work of Myra Preston. But then, the brain dysfunction is not the cause, but one of the symptoms, again ...
    well, just a thought.
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    You know, the first thing my rheumy said to me after diagnosing my FM was, "It's all in your head", meaning that it's caused by a serotonin problem.
    This was less aggravating than the G.I. specialist who told me that my C.Difficile infection (diahrea) was all in my head. That was a good one. The next day the toxin test came back positive, and his secretary was on the phone to me telling me to start the medication again. I had never stopped. I knew it wasn't in my head.
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    I have more neuro sympyoms with FM than anything else, when I started with this, it was as if something seriously "shorted out" in my body's electrical system, and has never worked properly since.

    Please do share your findings with us, I know the brain & it's connection to the rest of the nervous system seems like a major player in all laymen's terms.

    Good luck with your appointment!

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