Seeing doctor in 3 wks. and want to give him info on what tests

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    and info on mycoplasma infections.He admittingly says he does not know what to do for me. He is allowing me to try Guaf(been on since nov.2002)and will want to know what I think. I have seen my symptoms only get worse so not sure what to say since I still want to keep trying it.I want to know what other tests I should have him do and also what is the best article about Mycoplasma to give to him to read that would make him consider letting me try the treatment. I know Mikie and Jelly have posted alot on this and I have read alot but I want an article that would explain it to him. I only can see him every 3 months due to lack of docs in area so when I see him I need to ask everything I can. I am trying to gather all info and ?s now so I will be prepared. I also suffer from DDD and my lower back and down both legs really hurts 24/7 so I also need to talk to him about this. Any input is greatly appreciated......Kathleen
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    I agree with Jelly. If you do a web search, you will find a lot of info on mycoplasmas, especially from Dr. Garth Nicolson. Many of these articles explain what mycoplasmas are and how they are making us very sick.

    When most docs went to medical school, mycoplasmas were thought to cause pneumonia at worst. Mycoplasmas go stealth in our bodies, living inside our cells beneath the radar of our immune systems using a complex interaction with our own DNA. This is one of the most important things a doc needs to understand. Antibody blood tests will not turn up a stealth infection.

    The other thing is that it takes at least six months on antibiotics for anyone to get better, and, depending on how long one has been infected, it can take much longer. There is an article by Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum, which I cannot find, which advocates trying the antibiotics empirically without the DNA test. If the patient has a Herx Effect, he or she has an infection and should continue the ABX. At some point, after the Herx, the patient should slowly feel better. Most of the articles recommend the types of antibiotics which are effective against the mycoplasmas.

    More and more, ABX treatment is being used against GWI, FMS, CFS, and RA with success. Not treating mycoplasmas is far more dangerous than the risks associated with long-term treatment with ABX.

    Try to find articles from two or three docs, highlight them, and annotate them to help your doc. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie